Funporium! A web-driven comedy pilot for the deeply twisted.

(I have received moderator approval to cross-post this from Cafe Society.)

Elenfair and company are producing a web-driven comedy pilot. It’s been filmed, it’s been shot, post-production has started, and they have a Kickstarter to raise funds to complete post-production. The Kickstarter began almost a month ago, so it’s in the last five days. And here’s the best part: the funding goal of $30,000 has already been met, so now it’s into stretch goal territory.

What is it? Think 30 Rock crossed with Fraggle Rock. A behind-the-scenes show of what happens on the set of a children’s human-and-puppet-cast edutainment show once the cameras stop. Don’t let the Fraggle Rock and puppets bit mislead you - this isn’t Rated E For Everyone, but is not Rated X For X…tremely Obscene? Think what you’d get on FX.

When is it? Post-production will complete over the next two months and the pilot episode will be made available online, for free, in May.

Why should I contribute now, you ask? Because of the tiered rewards on any Kickstarter, for one. As the goal has been met there’s no risk of the campaign failing and no reward being delivered. Because the first stretch goal at $35,000 is the blooper reel, and that’s now only $3500 away. Because you are an awesome person and I don’t care what everyone else says, you look fantastic in that shirt.

Do it for the puppets.