oz mo and Robot Chicken

Ok, I admit that given what Cartoon Network (and more Importantly Adult Swim) is, these shows fill a need. I’m just about sold on Robot Chicken… and it gives me great hopes that I only need to pitch (basically) a 10 minute idea each week and I can have my own show. The “channel flip” jokes are good (the 2 second scenes) and the longer scenes are good too. Its very random… and I like that.
Then I see oz mo (12 ounze Mouse)… (6/19) and the AS bummpers for it as well. I’m not surprised that AS has a show like this, the chracters and the apparent storyline / characters seem to have a nice home.

But at what point do we tell the Emperor he has no clothes? I mean if we are supposed to be ‘in’ on the entire concept that the show is produced in a way that is different from most other animation, it does not excuse the fact that AS has it as a show, and airs it.

It is as if it is a meta Emperors new clothes… where the double bluff works better than no bluff at all.

I dunno, man, but 12-Ounce Mouse blows.

In depth enough for you? :slight_smile:

I want more Megas XLR, myself.

Robot Chicken is great. Really, what’s not to love about a spider-cyborg Walt Disney craving the flesh of Elian Gonzalez?

Then there are shows like 12-ounce Mouse and Tom Goes to the Mayor. Ugh, such crap. “The animation sucks!” is not terribly funny in and of itself. If a show is funny, then I’ll put up with low-budget animation; Sealab, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Space Ghost are all pretty stingy with the complex animation, but it’s no big deal because they’re funny. With shows like Tom, it seems like they think they can get by with “Look! We didn’t even color the characters! Isn’t that FUNNY!” Judging by the ratings they showed in one of the bumps a couple of months ago, I’m not the only one that hates this show. Audience size dropped from 1.3 million for Futurama to about 600,000 when Tom came on immediately afterwards.