12 oz. Mouse - What the hell was that?

My critique - what a stinker. Let it die. Aggressively unfunny and forced. Bleh.

Crap. Complete and utter crap. Worst thing I have ever seen on Adult Swim. Even worse than Tom Goes to the Mayor and Super Milk Chan.

It seems like Adult Swim is gettigninto the habit of putting something on the air just because it’s different, without stopping to think “hey, is this good? Will people enjoy it?”

I have not seen it, but it sounds like the concept of putting on totally random crap, just because. Sometimes, it can be funny, on a flash cartoon. Sometimes, it’s not. It most likely seems funny, because they have controll of programming, and yet they can show such a thing, and that concept itself is funny.

Again, however, I have not seen it, and can not tell if it is random-funny, or random-stupid. Oh, yeah, and:

A moose once bit my sister.

It looked like [as] deliberately trying to play to their stoner demographic. “Yeah, this is some f***ed-up shit, man!” Just embarrassing.

I know it was done by Matt Maiellaro with a #2 pencil and about 5 minutes worth of drawing…and it shows. My guess is that they figured Maiellaro had a huge hit with Aqua Teen, so they’d give him as much leeway as he wanted.

Needless to say, they should rein him in.

AS seems pretty stubborn when it comes to shows nobody likes. I remember a little while ago they responded to the common dislike of Tom Goes to the Mayor by saying that we’ll learn to like it eventually. With that kind of attitude, who knows how long this new show is going to air?

I missed it and any ads for it, too. This is the first I’m hearing of it. I love Tom Goes to the Mayor, though.

Well, I like Tom Goes to the Mayor a lot of the time, but then they go ruin it with completely unfunny parts that last way too long. (Those news anchors aren’t funny, they’re just annoying!)