Furhter proof that the Taliban has no sense of humor at all

First it was Evil Bert showing up on posters in Afghanistan, now this:


I wonder what other bits of “useful” information we can pass along to them…

its weird what your evil bert link does.

it doesnt link to a site, but to a response instead.

[George Harrison (from The Simpsons)]

It’s been done.

[/George Harrison (from The Simpsons)]

Er, whoops.

and whoops on the thread title too. Further.


And I previewed and everything. Just not very well.

to do their interpreting. Remember that guy with the eyepatch and huge beard who worked out of their Pakistan embassy translating for their ambassador?
There’s nothing funnier than a pirate being interviewed.

Drewbert, could you provide the real link?

Evil Bert again, checked, double-checked, etc.

Actual excerpts from the Taliban Penal Code, a copy of which was found left behind in Herat at the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

Some people didn’t think it was so funny.