Futurama Q: In the Nixon becomes Pres ep, was that Fek'lhr?

I was watching the episode the other day where Nixon becomes President. In a brief scene after Fry and Bender are walking through DC, they pass what is supposed to be the new Jefferson Memorial. The statue is some monster sitting in a chair with skulls surrounding his feet. I only caught a glimpse, but did the plaque behind him say that was “Fek’lhr” - the Klingon Satan?

If so, that’d be cool. Huh-huh…huh-huh…

It’s the Lincoln memorial

And he’s eating a guy.

Say, we don’t have much time left!

Well, if it’s his second term…

Too bad. That would’ve been a nice reference.

Does FXJKHR mean anything to anyone?

Is there a pic of the statue, anywhere?

And I’m surprised that the new statue wouldn’t have been in the Lincoln memorial…it was good enough for Serpentor and Megatron, after all.


Fern Forest corrected me - it is the Lincoln Memorial.

GuanoLad - that link didn’t work…I think. The only word I can understand is “Ooops!”

D’oh! Drag the link to your address bar.

Yup - that worked. (Gee, if I could’ve found that picture I wouldn’t have had to start this thread at all :o)

And, just for the sake of thouroughness, here’s a picture of Fek’lhr. (Make that two pictures.)

Let’s just pretend I made some sort of trendy showbiz joke about Mr. Lhr’s appearance.
(“Hey, he looks like Cher!”)

That second pic reminds me of the SNL skit where Fabio plays a Chippendale’s dancer. Fek’lhr’s gonna bust a move…

You sure you aren’t thinking of Patrick Swayze?

I’m usually not thinking of Patrick Swayze, that’s for sure. But you’re right, come to think of it, it’s not Fabio.

A quick Google search says you’re right.