Futurama renewed for 3 more seasons! I'm walking on sunshine!!!

(source, the official Futurama Facebook feed).

Great news, it means we have at least 39 more new episodes (the next season was already completed, so they’re on contract for 2 seasons x 13 episodes after that).

The first Comedy Central season got off to a rocky start, but it did give us three great episodes - That Darn Katz (from which I got my current ringtone), The Prisoner of Benda (you know, the episode that required the creation of a new mathematical theory to complete) and The Late Phillip J Fry (possibly my favorite episode of the show ever).

I still haven’t watched the Xmas special…

Ooo this is good news. Any word on when the new season drops?

June 23

Oh, and if anyone else wants to use it, HERE YA GO - just don’t be using it within NYC city limits!

There was a Christmas special…? O.o

Why are they doing 13 episode seasons now? They used to be around 24 or so episodes.

YAY! And here’s hoping not a single one involved the annoying chicken lawyer.

Back when they were on a real network. Now it’s on cable.

Great Three Toed Sloth of ice planet Hoth! This is wonderous news indeed!

Missed the edit window: This week’s Simpsons episode opened with the Futurama theme and a fly-by of the Planet Express ship. It must have been their way of celebrating the extension of Futurama. I knew there must have been more to it than Matt Groening being the creator of both shows.

What a fabulous, CRABULOUS day!

It’s a little confusing, actually. The first season was the only one that was only 13 episodes. The rest have tried to be 20 episode seasons. There’s only a single season, so far, that’s actually managed it.

The set of movies (~16 episodes) was counted as a single “season”. The current 26 episode 6th season has been split into two 13-episode halves, with the second half set to premier June 23.

The recent announcement was actually the announcement of an additional 26 episode season. The 7th season will also be split into two 13-episode halves to be staggered over 2012 and 2013 (at least according to the press release).

Now ZOIDBERG is the popular one!

futurama has toyed with my emotions moreso than any other show ever. this is an abusive relationship and i keep coming back for more. i made my peace, then they get back on comedy central. they have no news of re-upping and i made my peace again. now it’ll be here for 3 more seasons!? how many times do i have to go through this?

I think you were just premature. :wink: When Comedy Central picked up the show, they said there would be 13 episodes last summer and 13 more this year. So it’s not news that the show is coming back. The next season (through 2013) is the new part.

Did the new episodes ever make it to Teletoon in Canada? I haven’t been paying attention.

My gripe with these short seasons is that the DVDs are sold for the same price as the previous long seasons. If it’s going to be sold in half seasons, it needs to be at half price.
Other than that, huzzah!

The Hyperchicken is the best character on the show!

“Your honor, I move that you declare an immediate mistrial, on the grounds that yonder defendants done hired me to represent them.”

“I’m sorry, I thought you was corn.”

My manwich!

Permafrost! Nature’s long johns… hey, if rubbin’ frozen dirt into your crotch is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.