Futurama--please please please please please!?!?

Please! Tell me it’s gonna be renewed! Tell me it ain’t gonna be cancelled! Say it ain’t so, Joe! :eek: :frowning:

It’s only kinda-sorta canceled. Fox isn’t ordering any new shows, but they have enough in stock to last another two seasons or so.

They still have 17 unaired episodes on the shelves. At the rate that they’re showing the new ones I imagine we’ll have seen them all well before 2010.

How many did they show this season? It was practically a joke…I mean, we’re already at the season finale.

I loved the meta reference though. “Another classic sci fi TV show cancelled before it’s time.” Come on, FOX. Get with it.

They showed 12 episodes this season. Or should I say half-season?

Great episode tonight. I especially liked the part where they landed on the planet and it looked like Vasquez Rocks.

Yes, but for those of us on the East Coast, like half of them were preempted, right?