Is Futurama Canceled?

I was positive that the show Futurama had been cancelled, but last Sunday I was sure that the episode I saw was a new one.

There were 16 episodes of Futurama that hadn’t been aired, and that Fox is airing this season, but they haven’t requested that any new episodes be developed.

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Oh my God, they killed Futurama. You BASTARDS!

In a word, yes. Now you can look forward to 10 more seasons of the simpsons instead!!! yay.

And, given how often Futurama was preempted by football, for many Futurama fans (even diligent ones) in the eastern half of the country, there are probably more than 16 episodes you haven’t seen.


Also, Cartoon Network has bought the rights to the entire run, although they don’t have the dough for new episodes.