No, come back, Futurama, please...or why Zoggie's in a fetal position

I miss Futurama!! Damn you!! We were SUPPOSED to have a nice new episode tomorrow night at the insanely early hour of seven. But now I see from yahoo tv that they’re cancelling it for…

wait for it…

Family Guy? No, that would make too many people happy.

The return of Greg the Bunny? Nah, the little rabbit’s still toast.

Joe Millionaire revealing that he lost both testicles in a garden hose accident? FOX hasn’t thought of it yet.

Another episode of Oliver Beene? That would suck, but it would be more acceptable than…

A Simpsons rerun?!?!?!?!

What…the…hell. We could be watching a brand new episode of a show we barely get to see anymore. But instead, we get the return of Stampy the elephant, a character I was most happy to see the end of, many seasons ago, and Marge getting large breasts. Oh yes. MUCH better than seeing the gang on Futurama turn young and wreak havoc.

:rolleyes: I reserve rollie, here, for the very few occasions when my ire is raised. I think Rupert deserves it. (All right, I know someone other than Rupert is probably making this decision, but bear with me.)

…Oh wait. I can’t do it. I have to admit, I was happy to see Stampy. But I’m upset about everything else.

But if I do end up seeing Futurama…it will render this whole thread null and void. Thank ye.

Do you have Cartoon Network? They’re running Futurama five times a week at 10 pm CST. Not new episodes, but some are new to me, as Fox kept running football games over the first twenty minutes, the bastards.

There there, Zoggie. Network television is evil, that’s just the way the world is.

WHY does Fox hate Futurama so much? Did Futurama kill and eat Rupert Murdoch’s puppy?

I share your pain.

I was really hoping that Futurama would pick up the Simpsons torch but the network seems determined to dump this show. They’ve never even tried to build up an audience for it.

Their Santa Claus killer robot was the best recurring christmas theme ever.

Yes, and FOX is the most evil of all, and the worst thing is they know it and revel in it.

Just when you think they can’t go any lower than Married By America, they announce When World’s Deadliest America’s Funniest Snuff Films!

Yes, and FOX is the most evil of all, and the worst thing is they know it and revel in it.

Just when you think they can’t go any lower than Married By America, they announce When World’s Deadliest Celebrities Attack!

It’s personal. Matt Groening got uppity when he refused to allow corporate meddling to compromise his vision. Apparently, they wanted a Simpsons clone, future style and when he balked, the suits retaliated by playing time slot hide and seek.

Such a sad waste.

I didn’t even know Fox still actually showed Futurama!
Apparently I was right in thinking that Fox had cancelled the show.
PS-Hooray for Adult Swim. :slight_smile:

Well, my DISH Network on-screen guide still shows it coming on tomorrow night. So I’m just gonna pretend it is coming on until I see differently. So there, Murdoch, nyah!

I think I’d watch “World’s Funniest Snuff Films,” though I’d claim I hadn’t the next day when everyone else was talking about it.

But I’ve noticed a real trend of the networks blatantly murdering shows I like. I guess I’m not their target audience. I think their target audience is sitting in my English class, plaigiarising their latest essay and trying to figure out how to find time to squeeze in a joint before Basic Math 2.

Or, as a dear friend of mine is known to say, “In the future, when all the other networks are showing live executions, FOX will be showing live nude executions.”

There’s still a number of new Futuramas left. However, the next one set to come up, Teenage Mutant Leela’s Hurdles (great title pun), keeps getting pushed back. It was supposed to be shown last week. It wasn’t. Then they set it for tomorrow. It won’t be. The week after is True Lies, then, the week after that…we’ll have to wait and see.

Fox…the strange network.

I figured it out. The reason FOX keeps screwing us over (Fututrama, Family Guy, The Tick, etc) is revenge for all those years Letterman made fun of them!

Thanks for the support, you guys. I really had been looking forward to seeing Teenage Mutant Leela’s Hurdles. It is a good title, isn’t it, morbo…er, mobo. :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll pretend it’s coming on, too. When it inevitably doesn’t, I guess I’ll have to rip my tank top (a la Leela in the episode where Nibbler goes down…the toilet) and have the vapors. And then arise, cut off my ear, and mail it to Rupert Murdoch.

But I absolutely loved the FOX send-ups on last weeks Simpsons. If I can’t watch Futurama Sunday night, I guess I’ll put last week’s Simpsons on again (video taped it), and have a go re-reading all the FOX News banner headings. And then there’s, mmmmmmmmmmmm, promos. Man they went heavy on the FOX bashing there. I guess they paid dearly.

And yes, I do have Futurama on Cartoon Network, and yes, I’m grateful to have it back. I just hate having the new episodes dangling over me, you know, like the donkey and the carrot? It makes me want to progress every week, without throwing in the towel. Then I realize the ward’s being withheld, and I have to keep plodding along. Fry…Bender…Leela…Amy…come back!

“Fox, where is coming in third is a triumph!” - The Critic

Crap! The show has now disappeared from the DISH program guide.

Damn you, Murdoch!

Futurama got axed after a mere 72 episodes. Groening said recently, that he’s gotten more people writing to him, telling him how much they love the show, since Cartoon Network picked it up.If the suits at CN have any brains (I know, I know, the odds are about the same for Michael Jackson being the biological father of his kids, but still, it’s possible), they’ll do whatever it takes to get the rights from Fox to be able to produce new episodes.

Quick! Everyone write a letter to Fox. When Futurama doesn’t show, we bombard them with the letters!

HaHA! See what happens when they arouse the ire of their viewers!


Cartoon Network? That won’t do me any good, since I’m the last person in the US WITHOUT CABLE!! Aaaargh!! :mad: