"Futurama": The lost episode?

So am I dreaming, on drugs, or was this an actual episode of “Futurama”? http://tv.yahoo.com/tvpdb?d=tvp&id=167091625&cf=0&lineup=us_NY31650&channels=us_WNYW&chspid=166031435&chname=WNYW&title=FuturamaFuturama&progutn=998262000&.intl=

I looked it up online and apparently it will be on tomorrow night. Only I don’t remember ever seeing it…I could have missed it. But then, my brother doesn’t remember it either, and he’s practically seen them all. Does Bender being a folk rock star ring a bill with any of you or is this the epic lost episode?

I thought this seemed kind of pointless, so I put it here…didn’t really seem like a GQ, but anyways.

Oh yeah and just wanted to add, Bender is the most wonderful, hot, absolutely neat cartoon robot.

I think there actually is a lost Futurama episode, but it was a Christmas episode the network wouldn’t run because it was too violent. Bear in mind that I’m writing this from memory, and may be pulling all this out of my ass.

Oh. Would that be the Christmas episode with John Goodman as the scary Santa robot? Well, no, I guess not, because it did air.

However…you may be onto something. My brother keeps on talking of this strange “Kwanza-bot.” He may be delirious, but he is insistent that it actually happened. So maybe that was it. (Er…did I mention that we’re both Futurama junkies?)

Do you know if this episode with Bender becoming the next [insert famous rockstar here] ever aired before?

I remember an episode with Bender getting paralysed from the neck down & wanting to die & seeing a guy in the next bed with a harmonica & decidding he can do that & wanting to live out his dreams of being a musician. He did become really famous & tour & stuff, but I’m not going to say more than that as I’ll spoil the ending. I think it must be this episode.

I remember the scary santa robot too. I was hoping it would be back for the following xmas episode - but I don’t recall a kwanza bot (btw, I’m in the UK & since we get just about everything later than the states, I’d imagine that it has aired there too).

Thanks, fierra, I suppose I must have just missed an episode, as unthinkable as it sounds. Anyway, it doesn’t matter too much, as tomorrow I’ll get to watch it.

No, actually it was the second Christmas episode. If I correctly recall the summary I read, Fry and co. have to take over for the evil Santa robot for one reason or another, and travel all over the world creating terror and havoc. Like I said, I don’t remember where I read this, and may be mistaken.

Well, according to this, there is a missing episode. Perhaps it’ll show on video/dvd.

Maybe it was baseball? I’m starting to seriously think that. A lot of times, they’ll cancel Futurama because baseball runs overtime. That horrible seven o clock time spot. Ah well. Thanks, you guys. I really hope we get to see that Lost episode. Too violent? I wonder what happened…

The “Kwanzaabot” you mention might actually be “Robonukkah,” which is a holiday Bender makes up in one episode. I forget which one, though.

Agreeing with fierra. In the UK at least, Sky One showed a definitely folk-y episode about Bender.

I saw the Bender-becomes-disabled-and-goes-on-Beck’s-tour-for-robots episode right here in the United States, so that settles it! I think.

Great, so I get a new episode to see. At least, to me it’s new. A cool surprise. Thank you. Though I do feel a bit gypped. It’s like I had a right to see this episode when you guys did, but I lost that right. Ah well.

Well, like NBC used to say, if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you. That’s actually a good slogan, as far as TV slogans go.

Think that’s NBC’s excuse for not pumping out episode after episode as they should?

Anyway it was pretty good. :slight_smile: Bender’s singing voice rocked on!! Ah, I love that robot. “Hey, watch me save me!”

And then I saw “The Simpsons.” Love that song. Yvan eht nioj…

Fecking farging frelling fork! (I feel so out of place when I’m not in the Pit) They’re showing a goddam Raider’s game instead of Futurama! [Charlton Heston]Damn you, Professional Sports! Dammmmmnn Yoooooouuu…[/Heston]