I don’t usually make a point of watching television – I even used to make fun of my college dorm-mate for clearing other things out of her schedule just so she could watch ER. However…

I clear out my schedule for Futurama. I am a horrible TV addict for half an hour on Sundays. I call the family and friends during commercial breaks to remind them to watch.

Am I alone? Does “Bite my shiny metal ass” bring a grin to your face?


lovelee, check out the Futurama archive at www.nnyc.com. Lots and lots of great stuff. I love the show as well; my wife is already tired of hearing me repeat things from it. Such as:

Leela: Come on, we’re going to deliver this package like professionals!

Fry: Let’s just dump it in the sewer, and say we delivered it.

Bender: Nah, too much work. Let’s just burn it, and say we dumped it in the sewer!


Fry: Can I ask you a question?
Leela: Yes, as long as it isn’t about my eye.
Fry: Um . . .
Leela: Is it about my eye?
Fry: Well, sort of. . .
Leela (sighing): Oh, just go ahead and ask?
Fry: What’s with the eye?

Ooh, ooh! I love Bender.

Fry: (handing Bender money)I need the apartment tonight. Here, go see a saucy puppet show!

Bender: Caaaan do!

Do you have friends that think you’re nuts for liking this show?

Actually, my favorite exchange:

Fry: Bender, I need to use your bathroom.

Bender: My what room?

Fry: Bathroom.

Bender: Bath what?

Fry: Your bathroom!

Bender: What what?

And Bender’s dreams?

Bender: Zzz… kill all humans… kill all humans…
Fry: Bender, wake up!
Bender: Wha? I was having the most wonderful dream! I think you were in it.

“Are you jacking on in there?”

This is starting to get almost as good as that Simpsons thread. LMAO! Isn’t it weird when the best shows on TV are cartoons?

Bender talking about Lela

Fry: She’s holding out for a nice man with one eye

Bender: Oh that’ll take too long. She oughtta find a guy with two eyes and poke one of them out.

New episodes premier sept
Leela for #1 all-time cartoon babe!Vote now!

Also, theme music is GREAT! What kind of instruments are involved?

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The show has so many great background sight gags… my favorite (so far) is when Bender, in his new job as ship’s cook, is shopping for Neptunian Slug for dinner and looking in the butcher’s case – slug shank… slug cutlets… I Can’t Believe It’s Not Slug… :slight_smile:

Someday we’ll look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

God what a great show…Hey was anyone at the comic con when they showed the season premiere a MONTH before it happens? Absolutely hilarious! I won’t reveal anything that no one wants to know but…you can e-mail me if you want to know.

In case you think I am lying…Remember this…In case of ship loss, it is good to have someone that can limbo!!!
Ok ok…now. They had a whole bunch of guys that wrote for the show so I heard some of the plots that are being developed. Here are a few

-We learn the origin of SLURM (I yelled “its PEOPLLLE” ala Soylent Green and one of them smiled and said no comment…hmmmm)
-Mom is back
-A hot and heavy relationship develops
-Someone dies!

That is all I remember for now.

when and where is this show on?? I want in!!!

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Another great site is The Futurama Outlet where, among other fun stuff, you can find the See And Say Bender. Just pull the string and hear him say one of fifteen rude things… yes, including “bite my shiny metal ass!”.

Someday we’ll look back on this, laugh nervously, and change the subject…

I quote Bender to apply to all of you posters out there:

“Of all the friends I’ve ever had, you’re the first”

And we can’t forget Bender trying to woo the Crushinator. :slight_smile:

No… Father… I … Love… Him…

Doctor: “Young lady: I know everything about human anatomy. Now open your mouth and say, ‘blblblblblbl!!’”

Fry: “Um … ‘blblblblblbl!!’”

Doctor: “What?! My mother was a saint! Get out!”

Or the one where they’re planning to blow up the big ball of 20th century garbage headed for earth. (Because New Jersey was full) And the professor says that he believes they can obliterate it if they place an explosive charge right at the fault line between the massive pile of coffee grounds and the mountain of America Online disks.