Ga-ga for granola. What's your favorite ingredient?

For the first time ever, I made granola. Let me say, I’m not a granola person by any means–hands down, every single time I’ve had it (store bought), it’s been overly sweet and I just didn’t see the point. However, on a whim and an effort to use up some dried figs I had, I made granola yesterday. I searched for a few recipes and made up my own with oats, dried apricots and figs, slivered almonds, cashews, shredded coconut, chia seeds, mixed with honey, cinnamon, a pinch of salt, (homemade) vanilla extract and a splash of almond extract. It was to die for (a touch of sweetness, but not overwhelming) and I can’t stop eating it.

So, it’s gotten me thinking of other possibilities–things I can add to the next batch, spices I can include, etc.

What ingredients do you like in your granola? Anyone tried a savory granola instead of a sweet one? I’ve tried this just plain (standing over it and scooping it with my fingers) and in a bowl of milk, and I plan on trying it over yogurt, but what other ways do you eat your granola?

I feel like there is a whole granola world out there, just waiting for me to explore it.

I love granola, and your concoction sounds wonderful! I love nutty granola best of all, a little over yogurt or other cereal. Shredded wheat, mini-wheats, bran, Life cereal is all enhanced with granola. (I don’t dare eat it all by itself or I wouldn’t be able to fit through my doorway).

I like pecans much better than almonds in granola.