Gabriel Knight The Beast Within

Has anyone else out here played this game? What did you think about it? I loved it! Peter Lucas, who played Von Glower was so seductive… very intriguing. He could easily tempt me over to the dark side… anyone (God, please, at least ONE other person) know what I am talking about?


I do, actually. I’ve played it and thought it was a very good game. I didn’t finish it though… I think that’s largely due to the fact that I rarely finish any game I sta

Bwha ha ha! Cute!

I’m feeling very alone out here… I can’t believe more folks haven’t played this game. I’m practically beating down Sierra’s door for the third installment and most of you don’t even know what I’m talking about! :wink:


I played the game a few years ago. It was really fun! The only trouble with games like that is after you do them once, that’s it. I just finished The Blackstone Chronicles, which was also fun, but not as involved as beast Within.

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The last Adventure game I played was Monkey Island 3. I didn’t even try Grim Fandango, though I wanted to. (I need to upgrade)

I’ve never played a Gabriel Knight game, though.

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The Gabriel Knight games were both good, but I liked the first one better than the second; the first one is among my favorite games ever.

Whew! Glad I’m not alone! I’ve also played the Blackstone Chronicles. Very intense game. Grim Fandango was just beautiful! The colors and the music made that game! Also, Obsidian was fun but very difficult.


I agree with Daniel, I liked the first Gabriel Knight game the best, but both are wonderful games. Sins of the Fathers was more difficult and involved than the Beast Within, which is why I like it better, I think. I can’t wait till Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned comes out. I’ve been waiting YEARS for it, lol.

And Grim Fandago…oooh…I played the demo and absolutely loved it. I badly want the full game. Gee. If only I weren’t broke…

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gk2 sucked… part one is much better
i hope 3 lives up to its reputation.

btw, Grim Fandango is the best game ive played in a LONG LONG TIME


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Minty Rae-- I’m waiting for that game to come out too! It was supposed to be out last summer! ARGGG!