gabriela has been banned

Well, no, not really. Just figured anyone who cared about her status would check in. Hey, stop throwing those rocks!

Ran across this thread <Anyone seen gabriela lately?>, and didn’t feel like raising a zombie. (a board zombie, if I could in real life though…)

Basically her membership has lapsed, she’s now a “Guest” (since 3/07). Her last post was from the linked post back in Decemeber, but her last login looks to be from April. I miss her and just thought some of you guys would like to know.

ps: I always did find it odd how** gabriela** was never capitalized.

bigbabysweets2000, do not start threads with deliberately misleading titles, especially ones concerning the banning status of a member.

To clarify for anyone who’s confused: gabriela is not banned, and can post again should she choose to re-up.