I fear we won't see gabriela again

Okay, all jokes aside.

Ran across this thread < Anyone seen gabriela lately? >, and didn’t feel like raising a zombie. (a board zombie, if I could in real life though…)

Basically her membership has lapsed, she’s now a “Guest” (since 3/07). Her last post was from the linked post back in Decemeber, but her last login looks to be from April. I miss her and just thought some of you guys would like to know.

ps: I always did find it odd how gabriela was never capitalized.

I hope she comes back, too. She was one of my favorite posters.

I miss her. She was a nice gal. Hell, lying or not, I liked having her around.

She always put me in mind of Catherine Willows from CSI–one classy dame. :slight_smile: I hope she comes back around sometime to visit…

I’ve often thought of her, since she kinda disappeared around all the “she’s a phony” stuff going around. I figured that she’s participating in a board, it’s not her job to prove who she is to anyone, and figured, heck, there goes the baby and the bathwater. It would be rather depressing, I would think.

Fortunately, I haven’t a job that people are likely to question the validity of, after all, who gives a crap if I’m a poker dealer?

I miss her posts too.

All the people alternately fawning over her or accusing her of some level of dishonesty probably factored in her decision to stay away from this place. It was a weird chapter in board history.

Yeah, I miss her, too. Since I agree with everything in the thread already, I guess I really don’t have much else to say though.

Seconded, thirded or whatever to missing her posts. gabe, if you are around, please let us know so we are assured that everything is OK.

Well, I’m sure everything is “ok”. I mean, it’s normal not to be addicted to this message board, right? Right?

:: crickets ::

Crap, I need to go outside. :slight_smile:

ETA: upon re-reading my thread title, I did word it a bit more cryptically than I meant.

I enjoyed her posts. gabriela , please come back!

Wait, some people thought she was lying? I found her posts very informative and I got the sense she knew what she was talking about.

This is a snip from the thread I linked:

This wasn’t the first time either. Basically more often than not when she came and answered a question, or told an interesting story there were some who always questioned whether she was really a pathologist.

There are many who think that’s why she left, why put up with a group of people who are going to hint “BS” whenever she tells us something. Like I said earlier though, I miss her.

Was she saying stuff that was incorrect? Did Qadgop or any of our other DoperDocs call her on it?

My memory is not totally clear. You’re wondering if our docs called her out, I don’t believe so. Then again, you’re referring to a group of some of our more respectful members. The people who called her out would be grouped more into our “skeptic” members. Those of whom do serve a great purpose here, in our fact driven Q&A theme. But can sometimes come off… abrasively to some.

Not that I ever saw. I remember one disagreement, but it was well within the “In my medical opinion” realm - nothing factually inaccurate, just differing opinions. If every doctor agreed, there wouldn’t be expert witnesses for both sides in lawsuits, y’know?

As someone mentioned upthread, it was a strange moment in board…atmosphere, I guess would be the word. There was a brief moment of board hysteria around posters creating online personae that weren’t theirs (triggered by a much more convoluted tale involving a transgender teacher who wasn’t). Not long after, there was a lot of frothing about “Googlesperts” (I just made that word up, ain’t it a beaut?), people who are good Google researchers and distillers/compilers of information, and other people posting answers to questions who weren’t “experts” in the field.

Since **gabriela **was the most recent “expert”, and since she got a pretty large group of vocal dopers who thought she was funny and witty and smart and interesting, it made some others grumpy. She was accused of misrepresenting her background and not actually being a forensic pathologist. Which I thought was kind of lame, since as you brought up, rarely would anyone disagree with her actual information. Plus her “Let’s do an online autopsy” thread contained a whole lot of minutiae that I thought was pretty convincing. And, in the end, WHO CARES? Why on earth is accurate information any less valuable coming from someone with no letters after their name? How does it harm me to have interesting conversation with someone who turns out to be an autistic 13 year old with a good set of medical encyclopedias in his basement? Which, again, I doubt was the case.

While I loved hearing her stories of work and bodies and stuff, I’d be happy if she’d come back and just post about other stuff.

She was intelligent and funny as hell. The information she posted was valuable enough that she should have been a SDSAB member or at least had her subscription comped by someone here (Hell, I’ll be more than happy to do it, if she asks.). We’ve got enough dipsticks here who get a free ride, it seems only fair that someone as smart as her does so as well.

Yeah, any time we lose a Doper, it’s not good. I don’t care if I agree with them or disagree with them or find them stupid. They’re all an ingredient in our…our pie.
Yes. Our pie.

I would have pawned my sweet Gabriella
But the smart girl she wouldn’t sign her name

-The Clash.
–Junco Partner

I must have missed all that. I remember her posts from a few of the “grossest thing you ever saw” and “bad smells” threads. I don’t see why anyone would feel a need to question her profession. Is it that unlikely that of all the forensic pathologists out there some would use the internet and possibly be drawn to a somewhat intelligent message board?

I thought it was “bring pie” not “be pie”.LOUNE , yes you are. :smiley: