Gag moments in movies or TV

OK, inspired by the Mike Rowe thread about biting sheep nutsacks…
I’d like to discuss gag moments in movies and television.

This is a topic somewhat fresh on my mind because I saw Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist last night; and in that movie a single piece of chewing gum gets passed around from person to person… and I’m actually OK with that… UNTIL THE GUM GETS PULLED OUT OF A PUKE FILLED BUS STATION TOILET!! :eek: Oh, and I don’t think it looked like the same piece of gum either, which means it was someone elses gum that was pulled out of the PUKE FILLED BUS STATION TOILET!!! I literally gagged at that part.

So? What gag worthy moments do you have?

Trainspotting. Toilet. "Nuff said.

This was not the definition of gag I expected when I opened this thread.