Galaxy III phone: yea or nay?

[brief Pit preface: I need a new car (total wreck one month ago today), a new Air Conditioner (sweating my balls off–this POS is merely blowing lukewarm air around), and a new Cel Phone (current POS won’t take a charge and my contract is up) so I’m forced inside my hot apartment w/o a phone to use! GRRRRR! Pit preface concluded.]

Anyone use the Galaxy III yet? Nice big screen, sorta like carrying a small tablet around, dunno if that’s good or bad. What’s your experience so far?

I’d say “nay yet.” It’s one of the nicest looking Android devices on the market, but I think it’s worth waiting for the iPhone 5 (or whatever) and WP8 devices to show up in a few months. They COULD be game chagers, and, if they aren’t, the GSIII will probably be on sale.

It ships for Verizon on July 11th.
My contract was up, my old phone was giving me grief, & they were [del]raising[/del] changing their pricing as of Jun 28th; therefore, I have one on order. Let you know after next weekend.

I would get one if I wasn’t only 9 months into a new contract on an S2. I can’t wait to see what’s available in another 15 months. In the meantime, I love, love, love the S2 (I’ve also met several others who have it and love it, including an Apple fanboy - I was shocked he got an Android!), so I can’t imagine someone being disappointed with the S3. Apple would have to come up with something truly astounding to go as far as changing the game. I’m not holding my breath. The 4 and 4s were disappointing enough which was why I switched to the Android platform.

The Galaxy S3 is probably the best all-round smartphone in the market right now. If you have to buy now it’s the one to get.If you are willing to wait till around November there will be other good options worth checking out though I doubt they will blow the S3 out of the water.

I don’t have the S3 but I do have the Note which is even bigger at 5.3 inches and I really like it. The larger size dramatically improves the media consumption experience and I find it quite manageable to use as my daily phone. The S3 also has a fairly big screen at 4.8 inches but it’s thin and very light for its size; it’s lighter than the iPhone which has a much smaller screen. So it’s a good option for people who find the Note a bit too big.

My advice would be to try out the different phones at a store and pick the largest size you are OK with. My experience, and what I have read of others, is that it’s surprisingly easy to get used to a large size.

I can’t speak to the phone… however, if you’re in the market for a cheap interim air conditioner, I can highly recommend this one. It keeps my bedroom (a little less than 150 sq ft, at a glance) icy cold even when it breaks 100 outside. I’ve never installed anything before, and it was very easy to figure out. Also comes with plenty of adhesive-backed foam to put around it, to insulate and keep the bugs out.