[GAME] Answer to Ask

Basically this is a little bit like Truth or Dare, except there’s no dare. Basically, I will start by asking people to share something embarrassing/personal about themselves (you can do this by simply asking a question or asking someone to describe something like, “Describe what your…was like.”). The first poster that is brave enough to answer it (and we’ll assume it’s true) may ask a personal/embarrassing question themselves (or ask to describe an embarrassing moment, etc.) Then the first poster to respond to that question (cannot be the question-asker themselves) may ask a question of their own, and basically it just keeps going on…

Basically, the fee of asking one of your own creative questions (or asking for a description of an occurrence, etc), is to respond to the previous question/request. Hence, the thread title, “Answer to Ask.”

Tip: in order to keep this game interesting, you may want to minimize asking simple yes/no questions.

So I will start: describe your most embarrassing rejection from the opposite sex. :smiley:

First of all, nothing that promotes illegal activity or violates the SDMB rules.

Second, I should have made this clear before, but the questions can literally be anything (they don’t have to be something that promotes an embarrassing answer) - however we prefer it to be kinds of questions that you would ask in Truth or Dare.

Visit this thread for examples of truth questions people have asked (and notice how some of them are not even questions, but just requests for a description of an occurrence, etc).

Third, use this format:

Answer: type your response to the last question (or request to share something) here.

Ask: type your question (or request to share something) here.

So, just to reiterate.

Ask: describe your most embarrassing rejection from the opposite sex.

Thank you, RickJay for moving this thread; except, I must bump it once since it is getting close to falling off the MPSIMS page. But really, thanks for your cooperation. :slight_smile:

Oh, hell- I’ll play:

Answer: My most embarrassing rejection was when I was about 18. I invited a guy over, who I thought was into me. I got tired of flirting and waiting for him to make a move, so I kissed him. And he did nothing. No movement of any kind. When I gave up(and I did try my hardest!), he got up from his chair and just walked out of my house. We only rarely spoke, after.

Ask: What’s the most ridiculous lie you ever told, that someone believed?

Answer: I told a friend that alcohol only kills brain cells that are already damaged and does nothing at all to healthy ones. In her defense, she was only 17 at the time and didn’t drink.

Ask: What’s the most startling moment of self-awareness you’ve experienced?

Answer: I realize(d) how idiotic I behaved when trying to get a girl I liked in seventh grade. I was a complete failure and made myself look like a total fool. For one thing, I was way too young to seriously, actually attempt such a thing, and two, even after her clearly rejecting me, I just kept being an idiotic, retarded flirt. I still sometimes freeze in embarrassment when I somehow remember those times. On the flip side though, lesson learned! :wink:

Ask: what was the longest you went without showering? (Ah, the classic question. ;))

Answer: probably 8 or 9 days, during a bout of depression when I just couldn’t be bothered(I didn’t leave the house at all, though, so I didn’t offend anyone but myself).

Ask: Tell me about the last time you were humiliated in public.

Anwer: I called my office to ask a question about a lead, and didn’t realize my phone was on. I was driving in the car on the way to a client meeting and singing my head off to the radio, and looked down at my phone about 3 minutes later and saw it was still on! The co-worker I had called, called me back after I hung the phone up to thank me for serenading the whole office. She had put me on speaker phone!

Ask: Did you ever have a friendship that ended for a stupid reason and you wish hadn’t?

Yep, in third grade I was actually on friendly terms with the cutest boy in class and one day I asked him what he was laughing at. He looked at me kind of askance and said “So-and-so said something funny” and never spoke to me again. It added to my fear of offending people and having it be the end of things as I knew them.
What’s the most crazy thing you’ve done to impress someone you had a crush on?

Answer: flashing him my breasts (yeah- I was drunk)

Ask: What’s the most insulting thing you’ve said to someone?

Answer:I was curious as to what my Mom and sister were doing in the bathroom and I kept demanding to be let in like a petulant child that I was. I was probably about 7 years old at the time. I slipped a note under the door that said, “I hate you” and my sister kept asking my Mom what it said and she said something like, “it says something very mean and disappointing.” I mean, little kids probably always shout I HATE YOU at their parents but the way I did it and the way I felt, and the sadness in her voice just really made it the most insulting moment I’ve ever had towards another person.

Ask: What’s the worst thing you’ve ever imagined doing to someone else, fantasized about, etc, but NOT actually done?

Answer : Bloodily murdering the rapist / father of my best friend.

Ask : Have you ever had a secret fling with a member of your NON-preferred sex / gender, if you have one?

Answer: Yes. I mean, no. I mean, oh fudge. :frowning: Can I start over?

Ask: Have you ever had public sex?

answer: only as far as in a “parking off a back road, where we could presumably be discovered” situation

ask: what’s your grossest or most off-putting bad habit?

Answer: I pick my nose, duh. So do you, so shut up. But it’s still the grossest thing I do. I also chew my cheeks and slowly eat myself. Self-cannibalising, that’s probably my worst & weirdest habit.

Ask: Where is the weirdest place you’ve peed?

Answer: in my pants, in fourth grade. Does that count? If not, how about on the side of an Indian highway (I take vacations to India every couple of years for about 3 weeks, and many bathrooms there are shit).

Ask: describe your weirdest fetish and how you satisfy it.

Every couple of years since you were how old? :dubious:

Since I was born practically. Well, maybe on average, it’s more like every three years.

So, the original ask, just to reiterate was: describe your weirdest fetish and how you satisfy it.

I like this game, and want to keep it going, but I’m entirely too vanilla and boring to have an answer for this.


I’d answer this - but I’m struggling to think of a worthwhile question to ask afterwards. :confused: