Answer and Question Game

This is a simple and slightly fun little game that I was introduced to at another message boards and am importing. Hope it hasn’t been done here before.

Here’s whatcha do -

Player 1 answers a question.
Player 2 guesses what the question was, and provides another answer for the next poster


*Player1*: Only on Tuesdays.

*Player2*: Do you eat sushi? 

Next answer: With my left hand, usually.

Make sense? So, here’s your first answer:

Yes, but only if you use tongs.

Q: What hand do you wipe your butt with?
A: Only when my parents were not home.

Can I have an M&M?


Q: How many roads must a man walk down?

A: Sure, but not with some one in your condition.

Uh, I just noticed I gave a question for the wrong answer.

New Q: Do you like to eat tripe?

Q: Will you walk down those 42 roads?

A: Only the blue ones

Q: Which of those pills will take me down the rabbit hole?

A: The full moon.

Zev Steinhardt

Q. what is one half the moon plus one half the moon?

A. The price of rice in China

Q: And just what is your excuse, Missy, for the horrible, naked injustices you performed on that bus full of Weebles?

A: Well, there might be, but you won’t know unless you can hold your breath for at least three minutes.

Damn! Whuckfistle beat me by a minute!

Q. Is there a set of car keys in there?

A. I`ll tell you when your older.

Q. Daddy? How old am I?

A. Edmund Hillary

Q: What will you name your daughter?

A: In your butt.

Q: Now where did I put my car keys again?

A: Blue with white stripes

Q: What did the suspect’s shirt look like?

A: It only hurts when I bend over.

Q: You’re not still walking funny are you?

A: Well, um, I saw it on the Discovery channel…

Q: Chimpanzee clone anal sex?!?

A: Andorians.

Q: Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

A: It was eaten by chickens.

Q: Of all the alien abduction/anal exams you’ve had, who was the most gentle/loving?

A: 97, as long as I’m sober, but never if I’m wearing the green boxers.

Q: What should I tell the detective happened to Farmer Brown’s corpse?

A: $12.50, but I paid too much.