Game Cube 4-player games

IYO, what are the best 4-player games, either out or coming out soon, for the GameCube?

I have Marioparty (I think that’s the name), where you role dice and go around a board.

I also have Metal Of Honor, which has a great 4-player version.

Other than that though, I’m stumped. I like the Game Cube because it seems taylored for 4 players, but I’m having a hard time finding 4 player games.

FYDI (for your doper info) I like all sorts of games, from racing to strategy, rpg to sports.

Super Monkey Ball 2! It’s got 10 party games, including Monkey Race, Monkey Dogfight, Monkey Billiards, Monkey Target, Monkey Golf, Monkey Boat, Monkey Tennis, and Monkey Soccer. We usually play target, billiards and dogfight the most. They’re super fun.

Super Smash Bros Melee, (Fighting Game), Sega Soccer Slam, Monkeyball 1, Monkeyball 2 and Wave Race: Blue Storm.

I finally found a GameCube game I will play at home. The James Bond. What is the name - License to Kill?

Yep, nothing says good clean fun like hieing to the basement with the 3 kiddies, and proceeding to stalk each other through desolate environments with high powered weaponry.

2, 3, 4 - the more the merrier. Dibs on the plasma rifle!

I second the vote for Super Monkey Ball 2. The single player is ironicaly a fun multiplayer game if you pass the controller around each turn.

I believe it has 12 minigames actually.

I second Super Smash Bros Melee - insanely fun with four people, and the people of my dorm have learned to fear my mad Jiggly-Puff skillz.

There’s 2 James Bond games on GC now, but they only one I’ve played is “Agent Under Fire” (the other one is Nightfire). There’s a multiplayer mode called “Escort” in it which is fingernail-bitingly tense with four players - teams switch off guarding and assassinating an ambassador (apparently from NoSituationalAwareness-land) as they sneak across rooftops to prevent the other team from scoring.

TimeSplitters 2 is also quite fun for multiple players, but you’d have to put in some 1-player time in order to unlock the vast amount of extras in it.

I tried Super Smash Bros actually, and I couldn’t get the hang of it. All you do is attack each other, right?

I don’t know that I would use such a phrase, but, yeah, it is a fighting game. All you do is attack each other. Just like all you do in tennis is hit a ball. :wink:

Super Smash Bros: Melee and Sega Soccer Slam are my two favorites.

Is there a Gauntlet game out for the Game Cube yet?

Yes. See below link.

Gauntlet Dark Legacy.

Aww…it only got a 5.1?? D’oh!

The Mario Party games for the N64 were awesome, I imagine Nintendo will not let that drop.,11114,560621,00.html had this to say about Time Splitters 2 [url""]here.

“Not since GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64 have we enjoyed four-player console FPS action like this. The developers at Free Radical, some of which worked on GoldenEye, have recaptured that same magic while offering up plenty of new features. Meanwhile, the well-balanced single-player offers up a variety of action at a smooth 60 frames per second. There’s even cooperative play.”

The Gamespot review link is here.

Has anyone played the monopoly four-player game? I saw it on my trip to best buy this weekend, and I was interested…

TimeSplitters 2 is fantastic at 4 player action.

So is Super Monkeyball 1 or 2.

Agent Under Fire is much better than the 2nd one, IMO. Any of the four player modes there are faaantastic.

I am REALLY pulling for a Game Cube MarioKart! That may have been the best four player game for N64. We used to race in teams, each team had one guy who actually raced, and one “spoiler” who would just gather weapons and try to ruin the other guys “racer”