Game of Thrones 4.05 "The First Of His Name" 5/4/14 NO SPOILERS

4.01 Two Swords
4.02 The Lion and The Rose
4.03 Breaker of Chains
4.04 Oathkeeper

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The title should be 4.05, by the way.

Good episode. Poor Hodor!

Arya’s stab had to go in at least a couple inches right? a thin piercing sword like that should be able to go right through chainmail without even having to break it.

I don’t think that was chain mail – studded leather*, I think.

*-3 AC, from AD&D 2nd edition, IIRC

I think it’s kinda funny that as far as the nightswatch brothers go Locke died a hero.

Well, that solved a problem Jon Snow didn’t know he had.

I got faked out by the preview from last week. Thought the Hound was going to die this week. Kinda glad he didn’t. He’s a brutal thug, but still an interesting character.

This just in, Cersei is still an evil bitch. Color me surprised that Tywin Lannister gives a flaming fuck about ex parte communication before the coming trial. It’s not like there’s a judicial performance committee to hear a complaint against him.

Dani is in over her head, and it’s starting to show. Is the actress really that tiny, or was Jorah standing on a higher level or something? She looked to be about 4 foot 9 at best…

Everybody at the Aerie other than Sansa is Adams Family level creepy. And apparently Littlefinger’s new wife is a screamer. I probably could have done without knowing that.

Anyone else find it odd a young adult in Westeros doesn’t grok that rabbits should be skinned and gutted prior to cooking?

Podrick is highborn. I don’t think his house is terribly wealthy, but it’s conceivable that his family never cooked. Still, it seems like an obvious thing since those parts aren’t there when you eat it.

And he cut off Jaime Lannister’s hand. As far as John Snow’s concerned, they should be BFFs.

At least Locke died doing what he loved.

Although she does seem to have the wisdom to realize it.

OTOH, at the moment, poor Lord Baelish seems to be the one who has gotten in way over his head.
Emile Clark is only 5’2", FYI.

Looks like a combination of chainmail, plate mail and studded leather lamellar armor. I think The Hound’s point was valid. Skill isn’t much use against an opponent in heavy armor who happens to be the only one with a sword.


For this week’s episode thread, I nominate *this *to be the thing that 90% of the posts go back and forth on.

I think that is part of the point. It would have made more sense for Locke to simply kill the four prisoners and blame the mutineers. Was he trying to take Bram back south? How was he going to go past the wall? The Reed kids would have told Snow what happened and what was Locke would never get past castle Black

When John got stabbed, I figure it was a good thing Ygritte had already put a hole there.

Direwolf CGI still looks unnatural.

The actress that plays Arya has been in training. Those were smooth moves.

Poor Sansa. :frowning: I fear she may choose to “fly” from the Eyrie.

Interesting to learn that Littlefinger and Lysa colluded to kill Jon Arryn.

Damnation, the season is half over.

Cousin Robin seems to have inherited his mom’s snoz

Usually epee’s were more of a sporting/ceremonial weapon from what I understand. Does this line up with actual history, or could someone with more mass, use that pig sticker in combat.


Jon had it made for her special because she’s a tiny little girl. I imagine Syrio used a slightly larger blade more like the wooden stick he trained with.

Yeah, my jaw dropped at that.

I also loved the way Baelish was trying to shut her up as she was basically bragging about killing her husband and setting in motion the chain of events that led to the murder of her sister and the destruction of her sister’s family.

I do look forward to seeing more of her but if she keeps up talking without a filter, particularly about what happened to her husband or where her niece is I suspect that Baelish may decide to get rid of her.

Speaking of which, I know he’s just a kid but please tell me I’m not the only one who’d cheer if Robin winds up “flying” from the moon door.

Well, he’s not quite Joffrey—yet—but that gene pool could use a healthy shot of Clorox.

Who is Jon Arryn again?

Yeah, pretty crazy to think back and realize that’s the first thing that happened in the series - Robert goes north to get his buddy Ned Stark to take over as Hand of the King because Jon Arryn died. Littlefinger put the whole chain of events in motion…

Ned Stark’s predecessor as Hand of the King for Robert Baratheon. He’s the one that was snooping into the parentage of Cersei’s children when he came to an untimely end.