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Apparently the first thing Martin asked D.B Weiss and David Benioff before allowing them to make GoT was “who is Jon Snows mother”. Is that basically a confirmation of R + L = J?

Ah, this’ll be the fun thread.

So, how well do you think they’ll execute Tyrion’s chain?

They changed the battle of Blackwater to happen at night, i imagine that makes it easier to show or not show stuff.

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I think that’s as close as we’ll get. Martin doesn’t really confirm things. I didn’t think there was much doubt, but people still argue about syrio.

The Pointy End episode from season 1 featured a commentary from George, where he discusses in detail the changes made from book to series, and how he didn’t mind many of the changes that still pissed off the readers, such as having Syrio not be bald, or letting Ghost make noise.

He also hinted that killing off Drogo’s henchman (forget his name, but the one with the tongue) could present problems.
As he is still alive in the books.

My favorite quote from the commentary “one change that most fans DID like was not including Mormant’s raven. I read comments over and over saying THANK GOD THEY GOT RID OF THAT ANNOYING

Wait, who’s father and/or child is Syrio supposed to be?

I think she means people still argue Syrio is alive.

Alive, and more specifically, is Jaqen.

Wouldn’t Jaqen have revealed that to Arya at some point in Clash of Kings though?

Oh and another question: I don’t recall GMM making Renly’s sexuality obvious one way or another in the books, but they made it very clear in the first season that he was lovers with the knight of flowers. Is there any particular reason they changed this for the show?

Oh man, I was worried that I had missed yet another secret Targ. Jaqen, now that’s a lot more sensible.

It wasn’t obvious but it was very strongly implied. The gay sex scene was added, the relationship is in the book.

I wondered the same thing, but I’m in the process of re-reading book two and, now that I’ve seen their relationship all HBO-ified, you could argue that it’s there, subtly.

It is even more obvious later when Loras is obviously mourning the death of a lover, not a friend. When Sansa asks him about giving up marriage for being a Kingsguard his answer is “once the sun has set the stars cannot match it”.

I’m very concerned about how they’ll do the Battle of Blackwater. The battle in the first book (whatever it was called) was really only a quick thing; it began and ended in Tyrion’s perspective.

But the Battle of Blackwater? That’s about a fifth of the book, just describing this intense moment. I hope, hope, hope they’ll do it some kind of justice. I realize the constraints of budget and all, but this is still a pivotal part of the story. I hope it looks good, I really do…

Well Martin himself wrote that particular episode, i imagine they figured if things are going to need to be trimmed down they will let him do the trimming. Martin mentioned in his blog that doing the battle the way it was written in the books would have cost more than the entire season budget, so obviously some big changes must have been made. For starters the battle is going to take place at night, it appears that the fire is not going to be green either even though one of the early season 2 teasers had the words framed in green fire.

Sepinwall says there will be four new locations on the map in the opening credits. I haven’t read the book since forever. What would the new locations be?

My guesses would be the Iron Islands, Harrenhal, Craster’s Keep, and Qarth. Can’t think of anywhere else they would use.

I’m guessing Dragonstone (where we are introduced to Stannis), The Iron Islands, The first city that Danaerys hits on her journey (not the ghost town but the populated city) and Riverrun.