Game of Thrones 6.02 "Home" 5/1/16 [Show discussion]

6.01 The Red Woman

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I’ve got my popcorn ready. I do hope the matter of Jon’s resurrection, or lack thereof, is settled tonight. But for some reason it doesn’t seem likely.

Hope I will resist the temptation to read this thread before I can watch the episode tomorrow :frowning:

Isnt HBO Go free the first three weeks?

I could be wrong

Can someone recap what happened when we last saw Bran?

Oh…my god

He found a cave with the three eyed raven in it.

I found it really distracting how old he is.

Come on Roose, you let Ramsay get a drop on you like that?

The Internet will break.

We all knew it was going to happen, but still-- yay!

That was way too predictable. We’ve been speculating that resurrection by the Red Priestess since the stabbing.

Now since he died is he still a Brother of the Night’s Watch? They have not done the entire “Now his watch is ended” ritual.

figured they would not reveal him waking up until next week as a cliffhanger for this week.


Think killing a Frey daughter will have repercussions on Ramsay? It should, but it’s not explored at all.

If the truth would get out, but that’s not guaranteed. Ramsey obviously had support.

A whole lot of characters have been killed off in the first two episodes! I wasn’t expecting Ramsay to just up and kill Roose like that. Is the Karstack son really on Ramsay’s side? I know the Karstarks left Robb after he killed the father, but turning on Roose and backing Ramsay seems like overkill, as it were.

Or have they been with him all along? I lose track of all the men in armor.

I liked, “If I ever have an idea like that again, punch me in the face.”

And also, “Please don’t eat the help.”

Old Frey looks like he might croak any minute, he could be dead next week. And maybe due to natural causes.

I seriously hope next weeks “prize” for Ramsey isn’t Theon.

I can do without returning to square one there.

I really wish the Internet hadn’t spoiled that resurrection.