Game of Thrones, The Kingsroad, 4/24/11

Alright, the first week had some discussion about how the format of the threads should go. This week we’re going to go for NO SPOILERS! Boxed or otherwise. This thread is only for discussion of what happens in the episode or the premier. If you want to talk about spoilers, and I know you do, see the spoiler thread.

Last week we were introduced to the Starks, the Lannisters, and the Targaryens. Ned Stark is a lifelong friend of the current king, Robert Baratheon. After his closest advisor dies, Robert offers the position to Ned. Across the sea we see the family that Robert usurped to take the throne, the Targaryens. Viserys marries off his sister to a powerful warlord in order to raise an army and win his throne back. Back in Winterfell, we learn a bit about Lannister family dynamics and see Bran take a fall.

I assume by no spoilers you mean no book spoilers right?

I wouldn’t talk about trailers that show future events either.

We’ll see how this goes. Last week most of the complaints were about people new to the show. I imagine this week will have complaints about those who have read the books needing to switch back and forth between threads. It’s a work in progress.

I can’t wait for tonight. I expect this episode to be a lot more interesting than the first, since most of the introductions are out of the way (aside from a couple of the direwolves, which only got a quick glance last week) and it can finally get going with the plot.

…and there was lots of sex.

Oh, come on. Tyron’s party, Dany’s wedding, and hot Lannister on Lannister action. That’s not that much.

I have a selective memory. Besides, since I can’t remember any of the names, I have to remember something! :slight_smile:

I’ll tell you what, if whatever this shit is on HBO right now is always going to be the lead-in program, I’m going to have to be a lot more precise on what time I change the channel.

And now, off to the Seven Kingdoms!

Well, that was fine. I guess I’ll keep watching it.

Well, I didn’t think much of that episode. Somewhat kid-centric. The cinematography wasn’t as good as the premier. Still hopped around a lot. Hmm. I’m less excited about the series after that.

I think Drogo looked like a bearded woman, and that kid has some serious Malfoy happening.


I’ll keep watching. I need to stop looking for things from the books, though.

Making Arya left-handed is a nice little detail. I hope I can restrain myself if I ever come across the kid playing Joffrey. What a little $h!+.

I think they skipped too much this time. Why is Jon suddenly going to the wall? Why does Cat dislike Jon? And no detail on Jon and Arya relationship? If they don’t start filling in some of the details I think they are going to lose viewers. If I hadn’t read the books I’d be lost.

B- Grade. Some of the acting is still wooden. Especially Sansa.

I’m not coming into this new, but they showed scenes about Jon wanting to go to the wall what, 3 times?

What detail do you want on Jon and Arya? They get along. What else?

Maybe one of the super fans here could help a brother out and give some commentary to fill in the gaps…? I know I’ll rely on these thread to help figure out what’s going on as long as I keep watching this.

There’s nothing for him in Winterfell, especially with Ned off to King’s Landing. Cat said why she dislikes him, something like, “17 years ago you went off with Robert and came back with another woman’s son.”

I think the “pointy end” scene showed their relationship just fine.

If they put in every little detail from the book, the series would need 50 episodes, not 10.

I like how they took away Pentos and added Vaes Dothrak to the opening credits. I guess they’ll be doing that a lot as more locations are added to the plot.

I liked what they did with Daenerys in this episode. Somewhat redeemed what I thought might have been a mistake in the first one.

I heard from advance reviewers that Arya was the best of the kid actors. I don’t disagree, but Joffrey doesn’t get nearly enough love. It’s easier to play one-dimensional, sure, but he does it amazingly well. In the last episode, you could tell he was a little shit without him opening his mouth–in this one, he showed it well in all his scenes. The Draco Malfoy mention upthread was a good one–in HBP, Draco was the best of the entire cast, and this portrayal of Joffrey reminds me of a HBP Draco Malfoy without any of the questioning and self-loathing–exactly what Joffrey should be.

Peter Dinklage chews up and spits out every scene he’s in. It’s clear as day that he is loving every minute of this role. He is exactly how I pictured Tyrion, except maybe a bit too pretty.

Everything else will go into the spoiled thread.

Jon’s a bastard, he has no future in regular life. The Starks think that serving on the Night’s Watch is very honorable, so Jon has heard about it his whole life. He things he’s going to be a guardian of the realm. If you recall his conversations with Jamie and Tyrion… that viewpoint is not universal.

Arya is a tomboy and a bit of an outcast. Jon is a bastard and an outcast. They just get along. That’s all.

I havent read the books in so long,but the Arya and Jon relationship would indicate they have been natural allies, he is the bastard and she is the other sister, and not the pretty one. In any large enough family there is internal politics going on.


I understand that can’t put everything from the books in. It still feels rushed.

Cat telling Jon she ‘it should have been him’ that fell would have been more effective IMO.

Arya and Jon more than “just got along” they knew and loved each enough to finish each other’s sentences.

I’m trying to couch my complaints as someone unfamiliar with the story, I’m enjoying the series so far. I merely think it could be better.

I love the theme music at the beginning with the clockwork stuff. is it out yet on itunes.