Game of Thrones TV show speculation thread. Spoilers, of course.

  1. Until Ser Adama breaks the loop and they all go die on an island somewhere.

Well, Dany keeps saying she isn’t going to join the wheel of succession, she’s going to break it. Martin has been saying all along that if you think there’s going to be a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention. This makes me both nervous and excited.

You don’t put a giant undead horde behind a magic wall and *not *have them break through at some point. You also don’t have fire-breathing dragon sand ice demons in the same story without having them fight each other. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Maybe it’s because I’m a book reader from way back, but I can’t forget that the actual name of the series is “A Song of Ice and Fire”. All that game of thrones stuff is fun, but it’s not the main event.

I’d agree with some of that, but Martin specifically set out to smash tropes. I could possible see dragons not fight the undead. The song of ice and fire could just be Jon.

Martin’s said the ending will be bittersweet, so I think the status quo is going away one way or another.

Some guesses:

  1. Jon’s parentage is never revealed to Westeros

  2. Jon and Dany end up on opposite sides of the central conflict

  3. Jaime kills Cersei

  4. The white walkers bring down the wall and wage war on the north. Bran hijacks a dragon to save the day.

  5. Kings Landing is utterly destroyed by the dragons, but Dany is ultimately defeated by Bran and the United remaining lords of the seven kingdoms. Might be a return to 7 separate kingdoms at the end, or possibly an oligarchy – a Lord’s council with no king.

I disagree with that. Martin’s no Joe Abercrombie or China Miéville, out to smash tropes just because they’re tropes. He has (or had) a story he wants to tell, and he’ll ignore conventional wisdom if it stands in his way, but at the end, he’s still a classicist. Unlike them, he doesn’t think he’s too cool to be a geek.

How many alive people do know of Jon’s parentage?

Bran… and?

The Reed kids’ father, who was the only other guy, besides Ned Stark, to survive that fight against the three Kingsguard knights at the Tower of Joy.

Is he alive in the Show’s continuty?

He hasn’t been mentioned either way. We saw him survive the fight, though, in Bran’s vision - he’s the one who stabbed Arthur Dayne (two-sword guy) in the back.

I don’t know about Abercrombie, but that bit I’ve bolded is, IMO, a terrible misreading of Miéville…

…who is also quite openly a geek:
“Yeah,** I am completely a geek**.[…] But yes,** I feel fantastically geeky**. I’m not one of those people who’s enormously proud of being a geek, but** nor am I particularly ashamed of it.**
I’m a science fiction and fantasy geek. I love this stuff. And when I write my novels, I’m not writing them to make political points. I’m writing them because I passionately love monsters and the weird and horror stories and strange situations and surrealism, and what I want to do is communicate that.”

There were only two Kingsguard at the Tower Of Joy. One, not named onscreen but, behind-the-screen info names as Lord Commander Gerold Hightower and the other Ser Arthur Dayne The Sword of the Morning. There were three in the books.

Jojen talks to Bran about telling his father of his vision of Neds death during their journey through The Gift. He says it is the only time he ever saw his father cry. So we know Howland Reed was alive sometime after Ned Starks execution.

I always suspected Barristan knew too, but he was ‘stannised’ in the series…

Like a few people, I reckon Howland Reed is in the asoiaf books somewhere, and GRRM does like to hide such twists in plain sight (like Barriston in the books, but that doesn’t work in a visual medium). I think Howland will be in there, and I don’t think it’s the high sparrow like a bunch of theories based on him having a similar hairstyle as Howland…

I very much doubt he’s in the TV show though.

I was going to say three, but I must have blocked out Summer, Brans wolf, getting killed in the TV series…

Nymeria, Arya’s is still around riverlands but not sure how much referenced on the show, and Ghost didn’t make the Battle of the Bastards because they only have money for the CGI giant…

I still like my ending of Tyrion living in Essos and making a meager living in a sideshow but not as a dwarf but as ‘the last Westerosi.’ He warns the crowd about the continent of ice and the undead who dwell there and how they best pray to the gods, the old and the new, that they never learn to build ships.

Makes sense to me.

Much as I enjoy his conniving and scheming, that does seem poetic justice.

Wow! Not gonna happen, but it’d certainly be a memorable image to end on.

Definitely worth remembering.

Speaking of Sansa & Littlefinger; I know he was positioning her to marry her cousin Robin before he married her off to Ramsey Bolton, but I think now he’ll end up marrying her himself. Sansa will then end up Dowager Lady Baelish; possibly, but not directly by her own action.

$20 says she has him beheaded before that can happen.

Ok, so Jon has finally got to be king of the north. Now his troubles, as they were originally, are with the White walkers so back to reinforcing the wall…

That might be what isolates and gets Littlefinger killed. He’s got no interest in that, unless he can harness that chaos to his own ends, which might lead him to the chop.

Danerys’s campaign won’t quite be as successful as expected.

Not sure how some threads will tie in, such as Sams. The maesters might have been behind the fall of the last dragons. So he could be on that side of things, Oldtown being as far away as can be from the North.

Euron will be the big bad of the series. Like GRRM intends for his vapourbooks, but I think GRRM is changing the books now to be different from the show, which means Euron maybe won’t feature. Does he have the dragonhorn in the series?