Game of Thrones TV show speculation thread. Spoilers, of course.

Spoilers are for past events as no one except the film crew knows for sure what is going to happen next. Anyway, these trailers are doing their job on me and wetting my appetite and I have some ideas of what may happen this season. Speculation can include any information you think you may have, be it from books or the show or your friend with the inside scoop.

The one thing I’m sure is going to happen (which means it won’t) is that Jaime is going to finish off his redemptive arc AND come full circle by killing Cersei himself. Probably because Cersei realizes she’s doomed and hooks up with the Night King.

Winter comes to Winterfell and brings the undead and almost wipes them out. That’s what gives Cersei the idea to form an allegiance.

I wish I could see where Arya fits into all this. I hope she doesn’t run around killing random people just because. Also Boring Bran have to do something spectacular to warrant all the time we’ve spent with him. Maybe something with the two remaining direwolves (there are just two still alive, right? Or did they kill Ghost when they killed John? I’m not remembering).

Another thing-- there are quick shots of the Dany’s eunuch army attacking a city. Lots of internet talk that it could not be Kings Landing because she’d have to sail around the whole world to get there, so it’s probably Casterly Rock. This makes no sense to me. She obviously ends up on Dragonstone, how is getting to Casterly Rock easier than getting to King’s Landing? Do we know which sea she’s crossing? I always assumed it was the Narrow Sea. Sure she said she was going to help with the Iron Islands but she didn’t say she was doing that first.

There will be a shot of Gendry still rowing and rowing and rowing. . …

Too late for edit. Here is the best map of Westros and Essos I’ve found. I love it.

Yes, that map is fantastic!!

Giving this a bump because, com’on, somebody’s gotta have a theory!

Ghost is still alive; he was the first witness of Jon’s ressurection and went with the army that left Castle Black to confront the Bolton faction. Though, IIRC, he didn’t participate in the Battle of the Bastards, and since we haven’t seen him die, he should still be at Winterfell at the end of the season.

I think, we all agree that AGoT faithfully follows the “”]traveling at the speed of plot"-trope.

And even though the timeline is totally off, early battles around Highgarden, Casterly Rock and at sea make sense within the narrative.

Which means that Dany’s fleet will likely split to attack (or defend) several locations at once. If the writers don’t want to topple Cersei quickly, she needs at least a victory or two at that stage - and given the information gleaned from the trailers, it looks like Euron is going to hand her one, and some captives as well.

Euron’s victory at sea makes more sense if he meets just part of the fleet, likely one without air support - unless a weapon against dragons is one of the surprises that he brings with him. After all, the dragons need to be countered somehow, or Dany won’t even be slowed down by anyone in the South …

Of course, Cersei might take the city and the people of King’s Landing as “hostages”, and a threat to “burn them all” if Dany attacks her directly might also be the way to go if the writers want to complete Jamie’s arc in the most painful way.

In any case, the North could already have a weapon against dragons in guise of Bran’s superior warging abilities, though it’s quite likely that Jon and Dany come to an understanding.

At least, at first. I wonder how she will react when Jon’s parentage is revealed, and she is confronted with the idea that she might be second in line to the throne - again.

That potential Targaryen vs Targaryen conflict is one of the political aspects of the show that could easily play out in the last season, parallel to or in conjunction with the war against the White Walkers.

Regardless, I still hope to see an ice-dragon.
Given Littlefinger’s involvement in the fate of the Stark family - and the advantage he took of women in particular, he will likely fall victim to the two remaining Stark-girls. I have seen speculation that Sansa is going to learn the truth before her wedding night with Littlefinger. She then switches places with Arya who will do her thing.

But she wouldn’t be. Jon is a bastard, regardless of whether he’s Ned or Lyanna’s bastard, and Rhaegar was never king, having died before he ascended. Dany is legitimate and, as Rhaegar’s sibling, the next logical heir.

I’m sure that politics being politics, there’s going to be some folks who will maintain the claim that Jon has the better claim for whatever reason, but it’s a claim at best. Not to say it might not come to happen, but I don’t think Dany is going to be shaking in her boots over Jon’s chances. After all… dragons.

I also don’t see Jon jumping up to claim the iron throne, either. Maybe if he feels it’s his duty and he needs to save a few thousand lives. Maybe.

Samwell will find some secret knowledge about the others/night king that will prove vital. (As Biggirl said about Bran, but even more so: we need SOMETHING to justify all the boring Sam/Gilly scenes we’ve suffered through.)

I think there will at least be talk of cementing a Jon/Danny alliance with marriage. Yeah, she’s his aunt or something, but that doesn’t matter much in Targaryans.

Nemeria (the direwolf one) will reappear. I imagine her wolf pack will help save Arya at some point during her trek to Winterfell. I like the idea of Sansa and Arya reuniting over a death plot.

Jon will die again north of the wall (hinted at in the promos) and be revived again, probably by Dondarian and what’s his face.

Euron may get to make his proposal to Cersei in person, but no way would he survive a wedding night.

While I agree with Biggirl that Jon doesn’t show any interest in the Iron Throne, Dany could still see him as a rival, and I concur that others might have an interest in creating a rift between them for their own gain, or because they actually believe that only one of them is suited for the job.

And since this is a universe where at least parts of mythology/religion are more than just belief, one faction could actually be right.

Still, if Jon is indeed a bastard, Dany should be first in line, considering what we know about the rules of succession; but what if he isn’t? We have yet to meet Howland Reed who, for example, might have evidence to legitimize Jon’s claim.

But even then, Dany would come first, unless the line of succession prefers the male descendants of the king, whether they are his children or grand-children or just nephews.

Which might actually be not too far from the truth since the Northeners seemed to have no trouble proclaiming Jon the King of the North, even though the presumably last legitimate child of Eddard Stark and sister of the chosen King of the North, Robb Stark, sat right there left to her bastard half-brother when all this happened.

Is there any doubt that the writers will choose the rules that appear to create the kind of conflict and drama they want to show us unfold?

Technically we don’t know if Jon’s a bastard. Rhaegar could have married Lyanna.

If he is legitimate, he would come before Dany. Men before women.

Are we doing predictions for this season or the remaining seasons? I do think Jaime kills Cersei. I think Dany dies too. If she does take the thrones it’ll be for a very short period of time. Don’t think either of those will be next season.

Even ungendered a legitimate Jon is before Dany. A grandson by the first son inherits before a second son even if the first son dies before the father.

While the Targaryen rules of succession generally favour the male line, a lord or a king has the right to name an heir, and the Targaryen history shows examples when a female descendant was chosen even though some males would have had a better claim, see, e.g. “Inheritance of the Iron Throne”:

Interestingly, Aerys II Targaryen, the Mad King, chose his younger son Viserys as his heir over his grandson Aegon Targaryen, the legitimate son of Rhaegar.

This could mean that Rhaegar’s line is excluded from any legitimate claim to the throne or that his descendants come after all the children of the Mad King, including Daenerys.

That’s the kind of uncertainty that creates the space for conflict.

When is this said?

It’s been mentioned a couple of times on, e.g. on the side outlining Viserys:

Those entries seem to rely on “The World of Ice & Fire”, the companion volume to the novels which wasn’t actually written by Martin, though he is listed as one of its authors.

The book describes in some detail the seriously strained relationship between the Mad King and his oldest son and how hard Aerys’ confidantes worked to exclude Rhaegar from the succession.

In the chapter “The Fall of the Dragons: The End” we receive the following information:

If more information was given anywhere in the novels, I don’t remember any specifics at the moment.

Ah, haven’t picked up the World of Ice and Fire. No wonder that didn’t ring a bell.

Regardless of Jon Snow/Stark’s (I’m assuming he takes the Stark name now that he’s the King in the North) legitimacy or House Targaryen’s succession laws (which seem to be similar to Semi-salic law) Daenerys has armies, fleets, and most importantly dragons which Jon doesn’t have. The Iron Throne belongs to whoever can take & hold it be force; everything else is just window dressing. That being said I think Jon & Daenerys will enter into a marriage of state. It would solidify her claim to the Iron Throne, bring the North back into the Seven Kingdoms peacefully, and even if he’s nominally her co-ruler he’ll likely be content to spend most of his time in Winterfell and leave Daenerys to her own devices in King’s Landing. Also if Daenerys is barren as people are assuming they could revive Targaryen polygyny and he course sire heirs via a secondary wife or concubine.

The Wall is going to crumble and the White Walker horde is going to reach King’s Landing. That’s pretty much a given.

Asking who will rule the Seven Kingdoms assumes that there will even *be *a Seven Kingdoms by the end.

It’s poorly written and a highly questionable reference guide since it’s supposedly a collection of works partly gathered, partly authored by “maesters”. So, the “source”-material is unreliable with regard to its accuracy concerning the “actual” historical events. Martin has given himself a nice loop-hole here to freely depart from any information given there in coming, ahem, planned … announced (?) books.

In other words, I wouldn’t call the content “historical” canon; but the mentioned information makes sense if we consider the involved characters and their actions.

The show-writers can do whatever they want in any case; my point simply was that the rules of succession are not as clear-cut as they might appear on first sight when it comes to Dany and Jon.

Yet, alphaboi867, is right: Dany holds the power right now, and an inter-Targaryen marriage looks like the most beneficial solution.

One caveat though: the North might reconsider its stand toward Jon once it becomes known that he is not the son of Eddard Stark … and half-Targaryen. The North kneeled last, after all, and reluctantly.

If Littlefinger is still around when Jon’s parentage becomes known, we can safely assume that he will use this information to make Sansa doubt Jon and reposition her in the North.

It is interesting that speculation of the ending, in this thread and around the Web, rarely takes this scenario into account. Like the characters of GOT we all kinda assume the iron throne is forever.

I think Littlefinger has to die at the hands of the White walkers. It makes thematic sense that he would die of the one thing his endless scheming couldn’t prepare for: fucking ice Zombies.

The scenarios that deal with a totally different outcome are not as extensively discussed as the more ordinary ones but that’s mostly due to the problem that they leave the established knowledge base.

It’s hard to develop plausible scenarios when the outcome is somewhere between a revolution and an apocalypse:

  1. The living win the conflict with the Night King in the end, and decide to build new societies with rules that a) are meant to avoid the pitfalls of the feudalistic past or b) follow a specific belief system that proved to be crucial for their victory (or was so supposedly) or c) take your pick.

  2. As suddenly as magic reappeared in the world, it goes away again. The dragons tumble from the sky, Beric and Jon collapse as does the undead army of the Night King.

  3. No one quite wins, but most people die and the Night King retreats into the far north. Devastation all around, new settlers arrive on Westeros’ shores.

  4. The Night King rules Westeros and sits on the Iron Throne. Everyone we have come to know is undead. In the final shot, we see the oceans ice over and the dead march toward other continents.

  5. Bran closes the time-loop. The same story will play out again, and again, and again.