The Last GOT Predictions Thread **all spoilers welcome - be warned**

Spoiler Warning We’re going to have a free and open discussion, including any hints and previews we’ve seen out on the web, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, read no further!

This is our last chance to make GOT predictions, so no holds barred - which way do you think we are going?


  1. Remember when Melisandre told Varys that she had to die in Westeros, just like him? The look on his face? I think that was part of what he heard from the demon flames as a child. I think the rest of that prediction will turn out to be the common thread of every story in Westeros.

  2. The Night’s King is a double agent, just as Jon was with the Wildlings. He will have come to respect the White Walkers, but will help Jon destroy them just the same.

  3. Danaerys will show her Father’s influence before it is all over. When she does, Tyrion and Varys will turn on her, and support Jon as the new leader.

  4. Sansa will actually wind up in charge of the Kingdom.

  5. Tormond and Jamie will get into a scrape competing to be the one to die for/protect Brienne.

  6. Ned Stark will come back from the dead; he will be like a wight, but loyal to Winterfell, not the Night’s King. (possibly both if that’s appropriate.)

  7. The Hound will kill the Mountain, but as an act of mercy, not of revenge.

  8. Jon will stick one of the ice-made swords into Melisandre’s breast, and it will come out glowing -> Lightbringer.

  9. The Greyjoy’s castle will fall into the sea.

  10. In their first reunion, Arya runs past Jon to hug Gendry.

OK,that’s enough for now. What do you think will happen?

These guesses are all separate, so they can contradict each other.

  1. Varys is a Targaryen and is not actually a eunuch. Is Dany’s uncle and will claim the throne. Ends up on the throne.

  2. Bran either built the Wall or is the Night King. Or built the wall and became the Night King. Jon Snow kills him and he allows it.

  3. Jon Snow dies…again.

  4. Tyrion lives.

  5. We will see Sean Bean again in new footage that serves as a memory or vision.

TC1 and M1: Interesting that you both began with Varys. I tend toward Mahaloth’s side: I think Varys may well end up on the throne.

TC6: Ned as a ~wight: have we seen headless wights? There would be some explanations needed. Interesting concept. Both of you believe we’ll see Sean Bean in some capacity again; I’d bet you’re right about that.

TC2 and M2: Good surmises about some sort of twist about the Night King, possibly involving Bran. It definitely WON’T be a straightforward ‘Night King relentlessly sends his forces against Westeros and Westeros works to defeat him’ story. There *will *be a twist (possibly involving the Night King’s original identity).

TC3: Yes, Danaerys will be brought down, one way or another. It may be as dramatic as a turn to Chaotic Evil, or it may be as simple as a public taking-the-knee to Jon. But one way or another, she will be disgraced or defeated or, at least, humbled.

M4: Yes, Tyrion will live. He may even be granted a happy ending, with new wife and prospect of starting his own dynasty.

My additions:

S1: Cersei is in for a debasing/defeat even more dramatic than that coming to Danaerys. Will this eagerly-anticipated event happen early in the six episodes, or will it be the emotional heart of the finale? That depends on what the writers have planned for Dany. If they plan a mild ‘humbles herself before Jon,’ and nothing more, then Cersei will probably be saved for the finale.

S2: Numerous characters who’ve acquired fanbases will be given short shrift. This could even apply to fairly-major figures such as Jorah, Samwell and Gilly, Yara Greyjoy, and Brienne—none of whom have strong (or any) associations with magic. It could even apply to Arya.

S3: Sansa will end up with some sort of ruling power, though probably not the Iron Throne–she ‘looks the part’ and has never been particularly arrogant, so will be rewarded for that.

Ooh! I forgot about Gilly!

TC 11. Gilly’s status as Sister/Aunt to all the White Walkers will be important and possibly save the day at some point. In the books, her baby (the one still at the wall) will be important too. In the show, I don’t think he will be.

Wow. You think the creators of the show really have it in for the women? No, just for the women who held power? With Sansa excused because she never dared be arrogant. :rolleyes:

Yeah, I didn’t mean that quite the way that Sherrerd took it. But GRRM is generally unkind towards women, and Westeros is especially unfriendly towards strong ones. I mean, look at what he/they did to Cersei ferchrissakes.

But I don’t think Danaerys will be humiliated or crushed, I just think she will lose Tyrion’s and Varys’s support for the throne. It may be though, that when we finally learn what she means by " . . . break the wheel" this will all be moot.

Sansa is the smartest, the strongest, and the most strategic of all of them though. She is everything her father was, and all the things he wasn’t.

And what happened to the Queen of Thorns, and Margaery, and Elaria and the Sand Snakes. And Yara.

Actually, just about everyone except Gilly.

Not that the men have been treated all that much better. I think Sam and Hot Pie have mostly escaped… well, Sam got beaten up at Castle Black, and sneered at by his father… Lots of abuse to go around.

There have already been signs they worry that she’s too impulsive and way too ready to burn to death those who don’t fall in with her plans.
I’m already on record for hoping it ends with Sansa on the throne and Tyrion as her Queen’s Hand, and maybe husband again.

TC 12. I really want a scene in which Sansa recognizes Tyrion’s worth, and thanks him for protecting her/refusing to hurt her. I’d especially like for her to fall in love with him, but I’m not greedy. I think he winds up making her queen.

If Daeneris goes all rogue mad king on everyone, It will happen when she discovers that Jon is Aegon Targaryan and the rightful heir to the throne. She has spent years believing that she would sit on the iron throne. Can she (and her followers) bend the knee to Jon Snow? Can she be happy as the wife of the king? That remains to be seen. One way out of that dilemma: Kill Jon Snow. Or have Daeneris die early on.

With the disclaimer that I’m pulling this out of my ass and GRRM likes throwing curveballs, this seems like the right thread to lay down my predictions for how it all ends.

The white walkers and Night’s King are defeated.

Jon, Daeneris, Cersei, Jamie, Bronn, the Hound, Jorah, The Mountain, Melisandre, Varys… - all dead.

Sansa becomes Queen of the North, and the north becomes the new power base in Westeros.

Brienne is head of her Queensguard

Tyrion either stays with Sansa, or takes the much-diminished Iron Throne, or becomes the head of the new night’s watch.

Sam becomes the new head Maester of Winterfell, or becomes hand to Tyrion, or goes with Tyrion to the wall and becomes the new Maestre of Castle Black.

Arya survives, and leaves to explore the world. If the Hound doesn’t die, he might go with her.

The dragons are all dead, but they leave behind three new eggs that will wait until the next time dragons are needed to protect against the dead. Likewise, there will be a Targaryan left behind, probably the child of Jon and Daeneris. Daeneris could even die in childbirth.

This is all no doubt completely wrong.

It will end with:

  • A renewed commitment to maintaining the Wall and vigilance in the North
  • A Stark must be in the North. I predict Sansa as Queen of the North.
  • A marriage is one traditional way to end civil war. Daeneris and ?? or Jon and ??
  • Conquering is the other way to end war. Daeneris and Jon win.
  • Daeneris becomes pregnant. Her child will rule the “world”.
  • Cersei is defeated. She dies in fire.

All your predictions look pretty plausible to me. I’ll just say that having the north be the new power base might well seem emotionally right to the showrunners, but it would be bad world-building----if the world is getting colder even apart from the magical influence of the white walkers. If that is so, then human activity will naturally move south.

Then again, maybe it’s not a coming naturally-occurring ice age, and one hundred percent of the ‘winter is coming’ influence IS magic, and therefore when the ww are defeated then it will be eternal spring and everyone will be wearing shorts and tank tops at Winterfell for many generations to come.

Aryan is running from reanimated Starks in the catacombs of Winterfell. She kills Ser Strong, by stabbing him in the eye with her Valyrian steel dagger/short sword. Ser Strong kills Sandor in CleganeBowl, but the effort weakens him enough that Arya can finish him off.

I haven’t decided whether Arya or Jamie is the one who ends up killing Cersei. Probably Jamie, but bonus points if Arya does it wearing Jamie’s face.

Someone very loved by the audience is going to get killed in E1, whether because of Worf Effect or to impress upon us the desperate nature of the defense against the White Walkers, I don’t know. I hope it’s not Tyrion. I think it might be Bronn.

Bran ends up warging into one of the Night’s King’s greatest weapons, either the NK itself or that undead dragon.

Who ideally, from a 21st century secular humanist POV, should sit on the Iron Throne at the end? Dragon Sue? As the leader of a loose confederation of democratically-ruled, kinder, gentler states?

Part of me really wants the NK to win, as an object lesson to the squabbling Westerosi that they really should have put their machinations on hiatus, banded together, and tried to get through Winter.

Will Bronn ever get a castle and a rich wife? I predict yes.

The ending has been described as “bittersweet”. Humans defeat or at least drive back the White Walkers, but it is a Pyrrhic victory. Who sits on the Iron throne hardly matters as they barely control King’s landing and only nominally the surrounding area. What is left live in a anarcho-syndicalist commune :wink:

“Defy expectations” – no (more) major characters dead would actually be the most surprising, but I put odds on that about 1 in 10[sup]42[/sup]


[li]Jaime strangles Cersei. He (or perhaps Brienne) becomes Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.[/li][li]Dany dies without becoming queen, or becomes queen to rule over ashes/nothing worthwhile.[/li][li]Jon dies again.[/li][li]Sansa rules the North if not more.[/li][li]The season in general relies more on spectacle than good storytelling. It’s fun to watch but ultimately unsatisfying.[/li][/ul]

Everybody wins the Game.

Then everybody dies.

At the end, only Cersei is standing. Then she reaches up and pulls off her face, revealing it’s actually Arya.

Then Arya reaches up and pulls off her face, revealing Tom Cruise and the Mission Impossible music starts.

Last ones left standing - Bronn and Sansa Stark, rulers of Westeros. You heard it here first ;).

The prediction I posted in the Hiatus thread:

As to who will live or die, I have no clue. Every major player dies except Cersei and she gets to rule over the ashes just like she wants.

I was talking with some co-workers about Gendry. There has to be some reason he is there besides being a smith. He hasn’t been important to the story since his blood was used to kill three kings.

Maybe he really is the baby that Cersei thought had died (as has been speculated by some). There is only one person around who might know that - Jaime. He could have been the one who hid him away in Flea Bottom, maybe because he did not want Cersei loving Robert’s child. So when Jamie finds out about “Robert Baratheon’s bastard” he could realize this is his nephew.

If Jon, Daenerys and Cersei don’t survive, Jaime (and even Tyrion) could try to put Gendry on the throne as a Baratheon/Lannister. Lots of ifs there and Gendry might not be happy to be a Lannister but stranger things could happen.

So Gendry on the throne with Arya as his warrior queen. :smiley: