Gamecube Lockups?

Didn’t know whether this belongs here or in GQ, but thought here was most appropriate. Anyway…

Bought a Gamecube oh, a couple of years ago. Perhaps this was my first error, but never mind. Fun part is, it locks up. You’ll be playing along, when the game simply freezes. There’s no way to continue except to shut it down, then restart. Losing any progress in the process.

The game that’s in doesn’t seem to matter. That is, it doesn’t freeze up on this game but not that one - it seems to freeze up randomly. It’s frozen on Zelda: Windwaker (bought new), Pikmin (bought used), and recently on a rental (I forget the title).

Gamecubers - have you noticed this? I searched the web a while ago for solutions, but couldn’t find any relevant information. Any fixes?


Mine has frozen up exactly once, when I was playing Rogue Squadron. Luckily it was just the cut scene leading into a mission, so I didn’t lose any work.


It’s never frozen for my on Pikmin.

But I’m a very casual user. I’ll get on a Pikmin or X-Wing kick and play every waking non-work hour for a week, then not play anything again for months.

Podkayne, your freeze-up sounds like its software based, I’ve had the same thing happen in that game.

Snickers, your problem sounds like it’s hardware related. I’ve never heard of a GameCube with this problem (or any problem for that matter), but the occasional bum unit makes it through.

What I suggest is calling Nintendo direct and see what they do. Here’s their number: 1-800-255-3700

They have the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with. Every time I’ve had a problem, they fixed it, no questions asked. Hopefully you’ll have a similar experience.

I have no idea… however, as a “vet” on GameFAQs, I asked a few questions and was sent here. I don’t know if it will help, but personally, all I will say is use at your own risk. If your warranty has expired, or if you feel you’ve got nothing to lose, it might help.
I would give Nintendo a call first, of course, their customer service is excellent. They may have some idea of what is going on.

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Sorry, above link doesn’t work. Go to GameFAQs, choose your system, pick GameCube Hardware FAQs, and it’s under “Lens Calibration Guide”.

Well nuts. I guess I was hoping that everyone had had this problem. I’ll try Nintendo themselves - maybe they’ve got info for me.

Pokadyne, that’s exactly our problem - it’s not something we play all that often. So I don’t think of it until we rent a game and it locks up, again. Then we return the game and life goes to normal and I forget about it, until the next time.

I’ll chime in – I had the same problem with my son’s Gamecube just a couple months ago. We would be playing Windwaker and it would just freeze up, and occassionaly we would get a “Cannot read disc” error on screen. Turns out the disc drive was faulty and would just stop spinning, leaving the game hanging. It would usually happen as the game was loading a new dungeon or a new part of the sea. Luckily ours was still under warranty (it was from Santa last Xmas so it was less than a year old.), so I shipped it off to the Nintendo service center and they put a new disc drive in. Works great now.

I’m not sure if yours is the exact same problem, but you may be able to check by opening the lid when the game freezes and see if the disc is spinning or not.

So Snickers, did you solve the problem?