Gamecube recommendations for little kids

Got the 5 year old a Gamecube which came with a single player version of Zelda. Low tech mom didn’t catch on to single vs. multiplayer, bought a single player Mario game.

What is “easy” and E for everyone for the 5 year old and 7 year old to work together on? 5 yo can barely do the Cartoon Network Scooby game, but assume he will gain proficiency quickly.

Heh, pretty much every first party on the Cube is for the kiddies :slight_smile:

Try Mario Party


Anyway, try Super Smash Bros. Melee. That’s lots of fun, and you should be able to find it cheaper now that it used to be.

I second that eye-roll, Naz. With a topic like this, though, I guess it was only a matter of time.

That aside, I’d agree that Smash Brothers is an excellent purchase, especially considering the price since it’s been out so long. Mario Kart: Double Dash could also be good since it has a cooperative aspect to it (it’s a racing game in which both players can occupy the same vehicle, in case you’re curious). However, it’s fairly new, so it’ll still be around full price. Other than that, Super Monkey Ball has some fun multiplayer modes, but the single player can be pretty hardcore.

Also, if the children are male, I’ve noticed that males aged five to thirteen often enjoy games with plenty of guns, violence, and scantily clad busty females. I’m guessing this isn’t the kind of advice you’re after, though. :wink:

~ Isaac

Super Monkey Ball 2 is pretty easy to get started with… you just use the analog stick to tip the landscape, rolling a ball around. It also has some great multiplayer modes.

Mario Kart is great fun. You can also choose between cooperative or competitive play, as well as between straight racing and battle. It really was fun to play on Christmas Day.

Animal Crossing is a fun one, if the other people at home like gaming. The mom and Dad units can play it a bit on their own, and send gifts to the little one…

Damn - I forgot to mention Animal Crossing. That would indeed be a good choice for what you’re after.

Dammit, I also forgot to play it on Christmas Day. :frowning:

Also, don’t rule out games just because they don’t look as though they’re for kids. Plenty of genres such as racing games may look like adult titles, but are really in no position to contain any violence or adult themes that kids should be kept away from, except for the lowest possible form of violence, such as the occasional unrealistic car crash. Of course, they change the rating from ‘Everyone’ to ‘General’ for a reason, so it’s up to you in the end.

~ Isaac

Don’t forget to fire that sucker up tonight!
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