Gaming Mouse suggestions

I play a little MOHAA online. Ive gone through a few mice and usually don’t take it serious enough to care. Lately I’ve been using the optical mouse that came with my PC and for some reason I find it very hard to control well. Especially if I have to turn around quickly.

Any suggestions for a good mouse that works well for gaming? What have you liked? What have you hated?

I’ve liked the last two I’ve had, prior to my current Logitech Laser I had a real nice IBM Optical model like this that had some rubber ridges where the thumb goes. Very comfortable mouse.

What sort of surface do you have your mouse on?

I use a wireless Logitech MX 500. I’ve got the two side thumb buttons set to PageUp and PageDown, and the two buttons on the top (bracketing the scroll wheel) to Home and End. It’s great for surfing, and it’s easy to bind those to game functions. I’ve never had any problem with the response time.

My Comcast mouse pad. Do you find the mouse pad surface makes a big difference?

They make specialist mouse pad surfaces made of fancy materials that track perfectly and give better, more consistent tactile feedback and movement than typical mousepads. Not that I’ve used one, but a lot of the hardcore twitch-FPS types use them.

I, personally, use the arm rest of my recliner and it works pretty much perfectly. I use a logitech MX-500 (which I like a lot) which isn’t a specialized gaming mouse which companies like Razer make, which offer ergonomics suited to precise movement as well as higher optical resolution than most.

They can pry my Logitech MX-510 from my cold, dead hand. I used the wired model because I get better response than with a wireless model - at least I think I do, which is fine by me.

I’ve used both and find that the hard plastic of pad specially designed for optical mice to be much more user-friendly than a standard pad. The best surface of all was the top of my all-steel desk but it took up too much space after the move.

The worst surface of all was a mirror. :stuck_out_tongue:

My problem with wireless models is that I continually forget to turn the darn thing off!

Wired is definitely better than wireless for gaming; it’s possible for a wireless mouse to lose its connection, whether through battery drain or a hiccup in the signal, and the last thing you want during a high-energy game is for your mouse to die. Wired doesn’t have any of those issues.

This is supposed to be the best gaming mouse, by far. If anything, it’s probably too much mouse for what you want (if that’s possible).

Thats some good info folks. It is appreciated. :slight_smile:

I think one of the logitiechs will work for me.

My husband uses a Razor Diamondback mouse. He seems to like it immensely and is heavily into gaming.

I use this trackball. I’ll never use a mouse again.

Logitech Marble Mouse
I use this and have a couple spares on hand. I have been a heavy gamer for years. mouse clicks are basically a matter of flexing the thumb or ring finger a bit, I like it alot because of the fact that trackball mice do not require any desk space and do not need to be lifted and moved back to get more motion in a given direction. Aiming in FPS games like the battlefeild series is effortless and accurate for me nowadays.

I despise the thumb marble style trackball mice, tried for a few months, never liked it.

I use that trackball too. I’m on my second one. The right button stopped registering properly after about 4 years on my last one.

I started using trackballs when I bought my Apple IIGS and haven’t used a mouse since.

One thing to consider in gaming mice is the ergonomics. My current gaming mouse is a Razer Boomslang, selected because the low profile and long left and right buttons encourage me to lay my hand flat on the mouse and use it by moving from the elbow. My previous mouse, a Logitech Cordless MX500, sits gathering dust, because its higher profile causes me to grip it between thumb and ring finger and move it with my wrist. This causes shooting pains up my arm after a relatively short while, especially in games that have a lot of “right-click for mouselook” like World of Warcraft.

I flirted briefly with trackballs, and found them to be insufficiently responsive for gaming, and no better ergonomically for me – I just transferred to overusing my thumb.