Gaming Mouse - what do you use?

In the recent SWTOR Beta I had an issue with my cheap and simple MS Laser mouse which I probably could fix or I could take my usual route of just buying a new piece of kit altogether.

So any recommendations for a new mouse? I play mainly MMOs so have lots of keys to bind somehow, in my current set I bind the extra mouse buttons to alt and ctrl to allow more key combinations around WASD (abilities bound to Q, alt-Q and ctrl-Q for example).

Anyone use a Naga and the keypad? If so could I bind the number keypad to ctrl and alt? Not saying that’s the best way of doing it but is it an option?

I have the Naga, which I bought for MMOs specifically. I have it for Mac though, so the software may look different on a PC. You can absolutely bind the keypad on the Naga to Ctrl and Alt, along with any other single key. You can bind macros as well, and these settings can be assigned to profiles for different games, so you have as many options as I think you’d really ever need.

I use a g15 keyboard and an ancient trackman trackball wired not wireless.

I have the Razor Naga and the Razor Deathadder. I hardly ever use the Naga, as it is just annoying to me, but the Deathadder is great.

People who use an mx518 have a 37% higher sperm count than people who don’t. Even women.

MX518 sucks since the sensor revision.

Yeah I was concerned about that but the one I bought ~8 months ago is still great.

Thanks, you have to use in game software then to run macros? I assume binding the keys to ctrl or alt will work without any in game software?

The Deathadder just has two extra buttons right? Why was the naga annoying?

I can’t seem to find any shops near me that have the naga on the shelf so I can take look, as I work in central London there must be somewhere just need to find it.

The binding will work universally or for specific programs without in-game software. There is Razer specific software, but it’s at the system level. The Razer software allows you to program macros or single key presses, whichever you choose. So for instance, I can keybind the 1 button to Ctrl, or ‘K’, or Ctrl+K, or even Ctrl+K>Ctrl+L>Alt+K>Alt+L through a four step macro.

I never tried the macro function in an MMO though, I just know it’s an option and it exists.

Thank you.

Another vote to supprt the Logitech MX 518, buttons behind and in front of the wheel change the DPI settings immediately and in general use the ‘Forward’ and ‘Backwards’ buttons on the left hand side are v. convenient for browsing.
The downsides are that the PTFE pads only seem to last for a couple of years and the mouse is designed for larger hands, which suits me.

'Did you hear the one about the Agnostic, Dyslexic Insomniac who lay away at night wondering whether Dog existed?

I’ve got a Logitech MX400 for my personal use - it’s not a proper gaming mouse, but I use it for work also, and I’d rather not have an extra mouse lying around. Since I mostly play WoW these days, and play very few FPS games, it works for me.

We just bought my wife a Logitech G700, since she wanted to be able to play WoW both on our living room PC and in the office. It’s pretty nifty - 13 buttons total, works both wireless and corded, so we have the receiver plugged into the HTPC and the cord plugged into her main PC. Plus, of course, you can remap any of the buttons to specific keystrokes or macro functions. Edit: forgot the best part about this mouse - the key mappings are stored in the mouse hardware itself, so we didn’t have to set it up on two different systems.

I don’t play MMOs, but I have a razer deathadder and I really like it - much better than some of the smaller mice I had before for my longer fingers. It does only have 2 extra buttons, not the dozens of some other gaming mice.

The 700 is the mouse I got too.

Love all the various settings available. Love that you can switch between them with a button press on the mouse and that they are stored in the mouse itself. Love that it’s wireless. Love the wheel. It’s great for gaming, but for using any of my software tools, the smooth scroll wheel is a god-send.

Hate the battery life. Luckily you can still use it corded while it recharges.

I use the Razer Mamba which is basically a Deathadder that has the option to go cordless.

Southpaw chiming in here.

I use, well, the only gaming mouse available to us lefties: Razer’s Death adder Left Handed. It’s a great mouse, but it only has 2 extra buttons, the typical forward and back thumb buttons.

Logitech used to make a left handed moue, the MX610 Left Handed that had the 2 thumb buttons, 2 volume buttons, and the scroll wheel clicked left and right, all of which were re-mappable. It was terrific! But, they are no longer made.

So, not to derail this thread, but anyone know of any Left Handed or ambidextrous mice with thumb buttons usable by a lefty AND other buttons?
so much love for this mouse.
5 buttons, comfy as hell.

ooo make that 6 buttons!!!

see my post above!!

Caveat about the Naga: I own one and it’s great, but mine is about 1-1.5 years old now and it’s begun double-clicking randomly. I’ve tried to find solutions, but it looks like the best working solution is to actually take the mouse apart and clean/replace/resolder the contact sensor. I’m not crazy enough to try that. I’d buy a new Naga, but that’s a lot of money for another mouse that’ll probably just wear out again.

Problem is, the best feature about the Naga is unique. I’ve gotten really used to the keypad on the side, which is absolutely perfect for MMOs. I have it set to its default keypad setting, with the keypad bound to an action tray in City of Heroes. When I want to assign an action to one of the Naga keys, I just drop it in the tray. Works perfectly.

The only other mouse that offers the number of buttons the Naga does is the Cyborg MMO7, which actually looks pretty good, but it’s not actually available until January. I’ll be buying one when it launches, though, I’ve heard nothing but good things about that line of mice.