Gandalf In TFOTR: "______, You Fools!"

What’s in the blank? “Fly”? “Follow”? This line of dialogue appears just after the Balrog snares Gandalf with that whip-looking thing and he’s hanging from the edge of that rock bridge.

I loaned the book to a friend or I’d look it up myself.



Fly! Fly, Fleance, fly! Okay, maybe not all that, but it’s definitely “fly.”

Well, the subtitles on my DVD say “Frodo, you fool”.

Then again, it also claims Aragorn, son of God, was being pursued by ravers. Go figure. :smiley:

Yep, it’s “fly”.

[rain man]Fly, fly, it’s definately fly, yep, fly, definately definately fly[/rain man]

‘definately’ is one of a set of words I regularly spell wrong.

It’s “fly,” in the sense of “get the hell out of here NOW”.

I thought this was going to be some sort of game:

Lord of the Wings: Fly, you fools!
Lord of the Flies: Flies, you fools!
Swords in the rings: Your flies, you fools!

Bored of the Rings

The Orcs are yelling, “Fly you fool!” to the Ballhog.

Take off, ay?

“Make like an Ent and LEAVE!!”

I always thought it was, "Fly, you tools!

I thought he said

A little help here guys?!? I’m falling and if maybe one of you would get off your sorry ass and help me I wouldn’t faaaaaallllllll

(pervy hobbit fanciers)

“Shit! I just got the horse and carriage paid off!”

You think he’s shouting ‘Fly, you fools!’, but he’s actually screaming at the tumbling Balrog not to look up his skirt.

That’s odd, the subtitles on my DVDs of both TFOTR and TTT say “Fly, you fools”

Iron Chef of the Rings: Fry, you fools!

Monty Python and the Pervy Hobbit Fanciers: “Smile, you loons!”

I, too, thought this was going to be a game.

Gandalf in Cheech and Chong’s Fellowship of the Ring: “I’m high, you fools!”

That would be Cheech and Chong’s Fellowship of the Bong.