Gang of cats hold blender hostage for nearly a month

A gang of three cats in Langford, BC has been alternating sentry duty, sitting on top of the carton containing a new blender, and for nearly a month now preventing the owner from accessing it. I take it the owner is reluctant to use force.

The three miscreants:

The owners got the blender company to send them a couple of extra empty boxes, hoping to set up decoys so they could finally get their blender. Nope! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

At last report, the cats are still in control. Negotiations continue.

Heh, a Mix-i-cat standoff…

One of my cats would hide underneath my pool table and let out a full paw of claws extended at ANYTHING that passed by. Since the pool table used to be next to my front door (we had a large open parlor room that lead to the kitchen between the front door and living room) it meant the cat would inevitably try to scratch anyone who was either walking into the house or leaving it. And to show it wasn’t just being territorial he would immediately bolt it back to his bed after doing it.

It took us finally moving the pool table to get him to stop it, as it was quite painful if you were walking around with no socks on.

I wonder what the cats believe the blender is for.
Do you have this series of gory jokes in the USA too, the one that goes like: What is pink and turns red? A toddler playing with a razor blade. What is green and turns red too? A frog in a blender. That can go on endlessly, perhaps the cats have heard rumors.

I remember jokes like that, several decades ago.

If I know cats, they couldn’t care less about the blenders. It’s the empty boxes they’re after.