Garage Door Sensor

I am fairly certain that my garage door sensor is bad. When trying to close it only goes a few inches then reverses, I can close it by holding down the button, and one of the sensors has a blinking red light. It is a moorematic. I bought some Ryobi sensors but am now thinking maybe these things are manufacturer specific. Are they?

Another thing is the Youtube videos show two wires going to each half of the sensors, yet one of mine has 4 wires (two 2 wire pairs) What is up with that?

First thing to do is make sure everything is lubed properly. A dry spot could be causing enough back pressure to set off the sensors.

Fist, make sure the sensors aren’t covered with spiderwebs or dust. Then, go to one of them and start moving it around until it stops blinking. In all likelihood, they’re just simply out of alignment. Being able to ‘force’ it down by holding the button is one of the ‘symptoms’ of that.

Of course, when checking for dust/spiderwebs, make sure one isn’t totally out of wack. If one of them got bumped, vibrated, stepped on etc, get it back where it belongs first.

That is what happened with mine. I could get it past the bad place by adding a bit of force. I called a repair company who came and cleaned it out and left me with a can of lubricant to put on the rails from time to time. I haven’t done it, but maybe I will.

They also have sensitivity adjustments that can also get off.

I did clean off everything first thing. I made sure nothing was blocking the light path. This sensor is really securely mounted but I did take it and move it around and still a blinking red light.

Before I replace it I will splice some wire to the sending unit so I can move it right next to the receiving unit to confirm that it is not working.

Like I said, I got the Ryobi sensors at Home Depot and am not now positive it will work with my Moore O Matic xx133. Does anyone know. It seems that these should simply be on off switches and fully interchangeable but am not certain of that.