Gardeners, plant-lovers, and "citizen scientists"

One of my coworkers just sent me a link to this project gathering info about what plants are budding/blooming where and when. Looks interesting; I’m still reading through the site but think I’ll participate.

Cool idea! I’ve always been a great fan of local phenology - but I’ve been spotty on my own records. Potential problem - folks not quite getting their ID’s right, or not knowing the difference between native and variety… I’d really rather see one directed toward pros and talented others (who have NO time in spring to contribute to such a thing…) but, we’ll see where this one goes!

Poop. Just read through the list, and there is a whole ONE plant on there that is native to my area (Aspen) - and it has already bloomed. I’m NOT going to get into this thing to document dandelions! :smiley:

Just signed up! Thank you!