Gasoline Prices

Indicative of …um …who the Heck knows, and definitely pointless, the price of Regular just dropped to $2.00.9 at the Wawa station near my house. Yep, I stopped and topped 'er off.

For those who care about tracking such things, I’m in central New Jersey.

Three bucks in Northwestern Washington. Twenty to 30 cents cheaper 25 miles down the road and off the freeway.

It is in the 2.30 to 2.40 range around Dearborn Hgts.

If we’re going to go out of town, we almost always find the gas is cheaper, as long as we don’t go further than 75 miles. You’d better be we fill up. We’ll have to buy the gas eventually anyways.

You see, our town is small, but it’s also the junction of all the major highways in this part of the state. And, apparently, it’s good business for all the 10+ gas stations to have the same price. Poor BP who tried to be lower is still sitting there, empty.

I’d give actual prices around here, but with everything I’ve already said, you could probably figure out where I live. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not like you cityslickers would want to come here, anyways…

Gas prices here have been heading for the $2.00 mark for the past few days. It’s been dropping about 5 cents a day.

Here’s the gas price map from

Check out It’s broken up into local sites all over the U.S. and you can find out which station near you has the cheapest prices (user submitted prices).

It has a logbook function that you can track your usage and mileage.

It even has a trip calculator that will calculate your mileage and tell you where to stop for gas to get better prices.

I’ve been keeping a spreadsheet since April or May 2008. Average mileage since then is a little over 47.6 mpg. :cool:

Hmm. $2.39 is the cheapest I’ve seen in NH, and that’s just a lone odd station. $2.49-54 is much more common.

I saw it for 2.35 9/10 here on Saturday.

2.09 here and it’s 2.49 across the river in Illinois. Illinois has always been 10-15 cents more expensive than Missouri until recently. I guess they raised their gas tax. I’m heading for Ohio today and topping off the tank here before I head through corn field country.

Jeez, the cheapest around here is $2.99 for regular…


Why is gas so “cheap” in Missouri and South Carolina (as per Do they perhaps not tax as much as other states?

In the media they always speculate about why retail gas prices go up or down, as though it were a big mystery that only someone with an economics Ph.D. could figure out, that involved all these factors, including the price of tea in China.

It seems to me, if you want to know why the price of gas at a gas stations has changed, just do this:

  1. Ask the guy who puts up the numbers with the long stick. He’ll probably tell you that his boss told him to do it.

  2. Ask his boss why he told the guy with the long stick to change the price. The boss will probably tell you that the distributor has changed the price.

  3. Ask the distributor why they changed the price. They’ll probably tell you the refineries changed their prices.

  4. Ask the refineries. They’ll tell you their suppliers changed their prices.

And so on. Eventually you’ll find someone that made the decision in the first place. Then ask that person. It’s not rocket science.

Thought question for all dopers. When do you think gas was last 99 cents/gal? (US) 1970, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005? No fair cheating. :slight_smile:

I’ll come back in the morning (7:30 am, EDT) and tell you. Remember, no fair Googling. I personally was surprised when I found out the answer. And, for purposes of this thread, I’m not talking about Calif. which is always more.

Paid $2.34 last Wednesday in Hudson. Passed $2.35 today in Manchester. I think Portsmouth is still around $2.50ish.

I could swear I recall it being near the $1 mark in 1995. So, I say 1995! Though I think 2000 also had a time where it was really cheap. Nope, sticking with 1995.

The corner gas stations in my neighborhood have been having gas wars for the past six weeks or so. They’ve been steady at $1.99.

Finally my local Kroger down the street jumped into the action. With my 10cent Kroger discount, I filled up for $1.89.

$2.85ish across the sound from Seattle

Regular, at the station near my house went to $1.99 this morning. whoo!

The last time I remember gas being 99 cents was when I closed on my house, which was August of 2000. I only remember this because I was driving down a new (to me) road, and everything, even the rusty, old gas station, seemed to have a rosy glow that day. :slight_smile:

Oh hush, all of you. Regular gas has just dropped to $3.17 a gallon near my home. It is available for $2.89 on the far end of town, but the distance and time to get there would consume any savings.

Could be worse. Near my office, it’s $3.49, and close to the airport, they’ll soak the unsuspecting rental returns for $3.56 a gallon.

$2.29 here in South-eastern Michigan(cash price).