Gator bites man's head...

but the man still got away!


I automatically thought, “I didn’t know University of Florida fans were that vicious!?!” ::D&R::

The newspaper story bothered to note: “There were no warning signs posted”

WTF? You’re swimming in a wild river in central Florida, after dark, with dogs (AKA alligator ice cream) and you need a warning sign? This guy is a prime candidate for the “Darwin Awards”. The fates have been very kind, or he wouldn’t have lived as long as he has.

I’m having a pretty stupid day.

Case in point: Reading the OP, I clicked on the link expecting to see news photos of a guy with a gator biting his head. I was disappointed to see him just sitting there looking into the camera.
Sometimes I wonder about myself…

White Lightning - the guy in the photo is actually one of the rescuers, not the victim himself (the guy in the photo is not 69 years old).

Anyone else singing “Rippy the Gator”

The Trib didn’t run it on the front page like the times, but here’s their version of the story. There’s has a picture of an alligator, although it doesn’t really say that it was “the” alligator. Could just be a file photo. In case that link doesn’t work try here.

Well, no picture today, but here’s a description:

Warning! This is a bit gruesome. Not for the squeamish

They said that since 1948 there have been 318 alligator attacks on humans. So your odds of getting chomped are pretty slim. But even if the guy thought that HE was safe, any idiot who lives in Florida has to know that dogs are like alligators’ favorite food! How many zillions of dogs are eaten by gators every year? So what kind of sub-idiot do you have to be to take your DOGS swimming in a river that you have SEEN huge alligators in?

That’s one hell of a 69 year old man, to get out of the grip of a fucking allegator alive! I only HOPE I’m that well off when I’m his age.

And people think getting stung by a bee is a suprise bit o’ pain.

<Shouting a big AMEN! to Opal Cat’s post.>
The bf has a cabin on the river bank here. From the living room windows, I can see gators sunning themselves on the bank. When I’m on the deck and the gators are sunning, I see them looking at me. I’m sure they’re thinking…hmm…which would be better hickory smoked or honey bbq sauce?

That being said…anybody who lives anywhere near gators knows that dogs are like gator crack. Gators can’t get enough. I’m glad it appears the guy’s gonna be ok…but what a complete fool he is! It’s just stupid to go swimming in a gator infested river, but to bring along the favorite snack of gators to boot? Geez!

I’m sure he’ll getting a Darwin award, just not from this particular escapade.

If you read the link I posted today, you’ll note that this guys nephew survived a gunshot to the face. They’re certainly from hardy stock, but you got to wonder how they get into these situations. Also the man who got bit said he’d been swimming there for 15 years previously.

LOL Judging by how people are saying the gators like to eat dogs, I wouldn’t be surprised if the man kept them near him in hopes that they would go after the dogs first giving him enough advanced warning to escape. “Here stupid alligator eat little Fido. ARGH! Not me! The Dog!!! Stupid Stupid Gator!”

dorkusmalorkusmafia humans are gator appetizers. Dogs are gator main courses. I’m not clear on gator desserts, however.

There’s a helpful sign informing us not to feed the 'gators in a lake between the building I work at and the building with the cafeteria, that mentions the fine (500 bucks, I think). Visitors always get a kick out that sign.

I’ve seen gators in some of the other lakes in the business complex (which happens to be the same business complex where the National Enquirer building was infected by Anthrax last year) but never in that lake. Some big friggin’ turtles are there, so I suppose it’s gator-free.

The gator was trying to get some brain food. Looks like it chose the wrong fella.

I’m with Jack Carter and Opal. This guy is an idiot!

Why the gator didn’t go after the dogs is beyond me.

Screw that, I’d rather just hang it up.

People canoe in gator rich waters, capsise their canoes and manage to survive–I’ve done it myself. People sit on the banks of gator rich waters while fishing and are not attacked. People fall off of water skis in gator rich waters and are not attacked. The presence of alligators does not mean that a probability of attack exists. People live and vacation in Florida and think nothing of swimming in the Gulf, or in the Atlantic. Two places where sharks are known to proliferate. Are those people stupid? You guys are being way too hard on the attack victim, IMHO.

Bullshit, the gator was looking for some yummy dog-meat and got a mouthful of nastyass tastin’, hardheaded, 69 yr/old man…isn’t it obvious, the gator spit him out.

He damned sure didn’t outswim it!