Gatti-Mayweather undercard -- no DQ?

I saw the Gatti-Mayweather fight at a friend’s house tonight (if you’re curious, Mayweather flat out embarassed Gatti).

The last undercard bout was Vivian Harris vs. Carlos Maussa. In the 7th, Maussa hit Harris flush with a left hook, and Harris stumbled backwards and fell to the canvas. As he stumbled, Maussa kept pace with him, looking to land another shot if Harris regained his footing. Just after Harris fell down and was lying on the canvas, however, Maussa lunged forward and hit him on the head with a right – it wasn’t very hard, but it was clearly intentional and it clearly made contact, while Harris was unequivocally down (he was lying on his side, completely horizontal).

My understanding was that this should be an automatic disqualification, but the ref just started counting as if nothing had happened, and Harris didn’t get up in time. We were playing poker at the time, so I didn’t hear much of what the announcers were saying, but the post-knock down punch didn’t seem to be considered a big deal. ESPN’s online story doesn’t even mention the incident.

Did anyone else see this? Why wouldn’t Maussa have been DQ’ed on the spot? I know I’ve seen at least one other fight in which a boxer hit an opponent who had taken a knee and been disqualified. Also, the punch in this case wasn’t particularly effective, but Harris was barely counted out – it’s conceivable that the illegal punch was the difference.

What’s the deal here? Thanks.

I’ll give this just one <bump>. Still curious.

I didn’t see the fight (I’m saving my money for Hopkins/Taylor, which should be competitive. I figured Gatti/Mayweather wouldn’t be), but in the commentary on the only mention of the incident was this:

I have no way of knowing whether this is an accurate take on what happened. The lack of any outraged Vivian Harris fans on that site’s messageboard would appear to lend support to their interpretation, however. YMMV

Hope that helps.

Thank you, that does help, although the punch definitely made contact with Harris’ head (as well as the rope). It didn’t land with much force, and probably didn’t make any difference in the outcome, and if it wasn’t as clear to others that it even made contact and I can see why there’s no controversy.

Thanks again.

Yeah, the most likely scenario is that the ref saw what you saw but thought it was an offense worthy of a point deduction, not disqualification. Had Harris beaten the count, we may have seen that happen.

I’m reminded of the Lennox Lewis/Mike Tyson fight – the end came when Lewis landed the last of many hard combinations to Tyson’s head then pushed him to the canvas. I remember reading somewhere that referee Eddie Cotton had been planning to deduct a point from Lewis before it became obvious that Tyson was done, rendering the score irrelevant. This may have been the same kind of thing.

I saw the fight, and the punch while Harris was already flat on his back came at the end of such a long stream of bizzare fight behavior from Maussa that by that point it was almost unsurprising. Maussa stepped back and dropped his hands repeatedly to taunt and gloat, threw completely wild punches from stances so strange he was virtually standing on one foot for some of them, slipped and weaved so effectively I could have sworn that he was psychic (all the while with his guard completely down and hands down at his sides), and at one point jumped in from four feet away to make a completely undisguised and unprovoked head butt, for which he received a warning. I’ve never seen a fight like it. I think he may be crazy. I’m catching all of his fights from now on.