Gaudere should resign or be replaced.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Just giving you a headstart there, Gaudere!

Only 368 posts to go.

Shortest new mod honeymoon on record.

Have the Siamese attack puppets called for her public apology yet?

No Bruce. She hasn’t defamed anybody. I won’t even say yet, because I suspect she has too much class to do it in the first place, and enough class to make an apology without being called upon to do so were she to screw up.

Take some lessons, mmm?

Oh, and it really looks to me like the person holding a grudge here was the first one to cast that stone.


Siamese attack puppet – California

Still neglecting and overprotecting my children

No, but then she hasn’t been hanging around you nearly long enough for any of your boorishness to wear off yet.

Don’t you get tired of bringing this up?

Sue from El Paso
Siamese Attack Puppet - Texas

Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted.

Yeah! I agree wholeheartedly! Down with the fascist bitch!

Uh, who were we talking about, again?

An infinite number of rednecks in an infinite number of pickup trucks shooting an infinite number of shotguns at an infinite number of road signs will eventually produce all the world’s great works of literature in Braille.

Neuro, you’ve forgotten me already? ::looks hurt:: Wasn’t I tapped by you as “poster you’d most like to date?” Now I’ll think you’re fickle.

I am inspired. I shall write a play in which intelligent yet shallow members of teh SDMB community gather to anticipate the arrival and downfall of a new moderator. The play shall touch on deep existential issues and fairly reek of classical religious symbolism, yet in the end nothing at all will happen. The climax shall occur offstage, after the curtain has fallen, and I will call it:

Waiting for Gaudere

Nah. That would be absurd. I am resigned.

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.

Hey Spiritus,

with all the strange happenings on the SDMB lately, you could make it into a Greek Tradegy/Comedy… any thoughts?


“Cast a cold Eye, On Life, On Death, Horseman, ride by”
W.B. Yeats

Ooo, ooo, and then I could write a obscure cult play about two minor characters in your play, written from their point of veiw, mostly just off stage from yours, and call it . . . “Phaedrus and Dannyboy are dead.”

The road to truth is long, and lined the entire way with annoying bastards.
– ** Alexander Jablokov**

P.S. Mysteriously added after the sig: Congratulations, Gaudere. Tris

I dunno. If Spiritus and Tris are going to write Off-Off-Off-Broadway pieces to explore our angst, I guess I’ll have to counter with a lavish, full-blown Broadway production. I can’t decide whether to call it Hello Gaudy! or The Unsinkable Gauderè.


Given that every exit is an entrance somewhere else, I wonder who he/they are driving to distraction now?

On second thought, I don’t want to know! :wink:

Holy crap! Two mods for Springfield (you’re still coming, right, Gaudere)? Man, we’re gonna need a SWAT team to protect us for this thing.

Congrats, I think, Gaudere.

We interrupt this thread to increase
dramatic tension.

Based solely on my own observations of teh SDMB moderator’s role I would suggest Gaudere Mis.

That wuestion will be answered in an insipid, annoying and yet oddly hummable broadway spectacular Phanotms of the SDMB[sub]can you hear the music in my mind?[/sub]

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.