Gawd, you can't make this stuff up ...

From today’s 411 column on Fox News Online:

"Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon — whose term is still not up — continues to rely on unorthodox witnesses to support his cases. In 2005, Janet Arvizo testified she thought Michael Jackson wanted to kidnap her kids in a hot-air balloon. Sneddon lost the case.

Now one of his DAs is using a man who believes in space aliens to win a new case. Yes, space aliens. Deputy District Attorney Jerry Lulejian is using Gary Lowrey to win a case for the county against his former employer, Greka Energy Corp.

Lowery has made claims, and stuck with them in testimony, about alien visitations, “monsters,” “non humans” and other phenomena that would ordinarily disqualify him as a credible witness.

But Lulejian says he’s going to play a videotape in court this week bolstering Lowrey’s assertions that globular machines have poked pin holes in his chest at night and drawn blood, and that the aliens have left tracks in aluminum foil he set out for them.

Lowrey has enlisted in his cause a self described “UFO-ologist” named Dr. Roger Leir, who is also a podiatrist. And Lowrey’s lawyer is Bela Lugosi Jr., son of the classic horror film star …"

:confused: I wish the story would explain what the county’s case is against Greka Energy, and how this testimony is supposed to prove it.

And why Cafe Society is the place for the thread…

Moses and Aaron on a stick, please let me have one of these guys when I have jurty duty, please.

No problem, I can spell “aluminium” without difficulty. :slight_smile:

Where else?

I dunno. It’s difficult for me to imagine myself starting the thread on this news item in the first place, let alone determining where it should go. But if I were to start it, it would probably be with a view toward expressing horror that the operation of a community’s justice system was in the hands of, at best, the entertainingly bizarre, and at worst, the insane.

Probably the Pit, for my money.

You may be focusing on the Lugosi connection, though; I can’t tell. Still, I’m not yet scrying the point of the thread (not to my own satisfaction anyway), so maybe MPSIMS.

I’m calling BS on you. You must have made this up. I** know** you did. I don’t care about your cite. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!
OK, now I do care about the cite. Can’t find the story anywhere. Little help?

Yeah, MPSIMS is good.

That’s fair. He only should have been disqualified as a credible witness once he busted out the aluminum foil.

I just did a search of the Santa Barbara New-Press archives and there hasn’t been a story on Greka since June. Lowry’s name is last mentioned in November '05.

You need to register to read more than the first couple of sentences of the aritcles but Greka seems like bad news. They’ve been fined multiple times by the EPA for dumping waste water and various oil spills. The County is sueing them for health and safety violations. Lowry appears to be a whistleblower who was formerly a safety manager at Greka.

[bauhaus] Bela Legosi’s a lawyer! Bela! Bela![/bauhaus]

Well, if Lowry was the safety manager at Greka, I think Sneddon’s absolutely brilliant in putting him on the stand! Think about it, during the closing argument, Sneddon can look at the jury and say, “You’ve heard the testimony from Mr. Lowry about the space aliens. Now, I ask you, 'Would a company that was seriously concerned about safety put such a nut in charge of safety?’ Of course not. If he’s a lunatic, you must convict!” :smiley: