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Can somebody link me to a site that has copy of the gay agenda? Explains when and where it was adopted, who proposed it, who adopted it,why? I keep hearing and reading about it but I don’t know what it is. Closest I have come is a radio talk show host who said it was a “secret agenda”, if it is it sure seems to be a badly kept secret. Everybody keeps saying this or that action is part of the gay agenda. Whilwe I am at it can somebody explain why or how " same sex" marriages, desanctify,denigrate or somehow lower the value of a 'traditional" marriage. I can’t see how anybody elses marriage has any effect on mine.

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Here ya go!

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I’m about to confess to a life of anticipated crime . . . .

The neighbors down on the corner (the Moonies – they were married in one of those “mass marriage” thingies 20 or so years ago) had, until last night, a “Yes on 22” sign stuck in their front yard. (22 is the proposition on the California ballot to declare that marriage is only between a man and a woman.)

It was gone this morning.

I did NOT do it. But I was going to . . . somebody beat me to it.

(In need of an angelic, innocent looking smiley here, complete with halo.)


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Whilwe I am at it can somebody explain why or how " same sex" marriages, desanctify, denigrate or somehow lower the value of a 'traditional" marriage. I can’t see how anybody elses marriage has any effect on mine.

My WAG is that the Bible-thumping freaks feel threatened by anything that clashes with traditional Christian family values.

Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.

Here’s is a link to the gay recruitment drive of '98. You see, they really do have an agenda, those dirty censoreds.

Sheesh, silly conservatives.

Did you know that Britain has a gay mafia that’s taking over the government?

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.

OK, so if homosexuals have an agenda, what’s the heterosexual agenda? C’mon, we need something to work with…

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Ah, now the HETEROsexual agenda IS a secret. Known only to right thinking,right living,true American,100% heterosexuals. If you do not know the agenda,then you do not meet one or more of the criteria.
Now this has all been fun, except for Melin, who has made me an accessory before the fact to an anticipated crime,no doubt I shall soon be charged with intent to contemplate conspiracy, but I would like to see somebody’s seriousus effort to record the agenda. It has got to be lots funnier than the spoofs. Actually I think the fact that some people actually beleave there is a gay agenda much scarier than the possibility that there is one. And I am serious about the reasons that same sex marriage is detrimental to the institution of marriage. Mariage as legal institution for financial reasons
(inheritance,“maintence” of spouse and dependeants etc.),religious instituion (requirement, expression of beleif,sacrament, etc),a social institution, and most important a personal commitment independant of anything else.,but a commitment so strong that the parties are willing to have it backed up (inforced) by the state, the church , and society as a whole. I am a scoutleader and I do need to find that agenda. I need to know that,one of the other troop leaders, who I have known a Looooong time,a man of high moral character and deep spiritually,but with an inclination that BSA won’t find out about from me,is teaching the boys how to pitch a tent that won’t blow over,warm and dry, rather than that the ground cloth doesn’t clash with the fly. And that the camp fire is just right for cooking rather than flaming exquisitly…

“Pardon me while I have a strange interlude.”-Marx

Ah! So you were just about to tresspass, commit vandalism, and violate someone’s First Amendment rights, but somebody else beat you to it?

You poor baby. . .

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On another thread over in GQ, about common law marriage, I think, the issue of laws prohibiting marriage amongst close relatives was raised. All states prohibit incestuous marriages, though some states define that more strictly than others. Some states forbid marriage between first cousins, and some do not.

So, if and when gay marriages are finally recognized by law, I wonder what effect the “close kin” prohibitions on marriage will have. Since there are no concerns about a gay couple passing on genetic anomolies, there seems to be no reason for forbidding such relationships. Will this raise another equal protection issue?

Now THERE’s a bar exam question for you! < g >


Siamese attack puppet – California

Still neglecting and overprotecting my children

Melin wrote:

You mean like this?:

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Lionel, you do realize that the First Amendment does not apply to acts committed by private individuals, right?

Change that to “The First Amendment’s prohibitions do not apply to …”

Leave it to a law geek to focus on trivia. Next I want to hear how trespass and vandalism aren’t really what they are either. God, lawyers are scum!

So if I hack into this message board and delete all your posts, I’m not suppressing your right to free expression because I’m an individual, right?

Please be sure to cite the exact case and all, so it will be admissable.

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“This day is called the Feast of Crispian,” --Henry V

Yes, it does. The First Amendment applies to Congress, and Congress makes laws that apply to everyone. If Melin had gone through with her inteded act, she would have been guilty of violating her neighbors’ civil rights.


Leave it to someone who studied First Amendment law to point out when something isn’t covered by it, you mean? How inappropriate of me. I should have allowed your erroneous impression to go unchallenged.

If you claim them to be something they aren’t, you will hear it.

FTR, I’m not a lawyer.

The Ryan:

Erm … sorry but your logic is escaping me here. Anyway, you’re wrong. The First Amendment only prohibits Congress (and, via the Fourteenth Amendment, other government agencies) from abridging freedom of speech. Actions by individuals may violate other laws (Melin would clearly be guilty of trespassing, vandalism, and theft, for example) but if there is no government action, there is no First Amendment violation.

I will reiterate DSYoungEsq’s suggestion to you (in Boy Scouts thread) that you read the Constitution before posting about what it says.

Actually, no, you wouldn’t be suppressing our rights to free expression, because we would have already expressed ourselves. Once our posts go up on this message board, they become property of the Chicago Reader. What you would be doing is willfully destroying the property of the Chicago Reader.

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A local paper (Columbia, SC) carries an ad from one of the local gay/lesbian groups saying that they are offering “a toaster for every 5 converts.”

Actually, this is all a part of the bi-sexual agenda. We figure that in 10 years, all of you will be so confused about the issue that you’ll give up and not care who you sleep with. That’s when we declare victory!

It seems to be working,sly,everytime I come back here and read the replys I forget what started the whole thing. So no one can tell me how a gay marriage is going to affect mine? The lesbians have been living next door for some 5 years now and I haven’t felt any effects, well some times when I see the candles flickering in their bedroom window I have a few short "interesting’ thoughts, but that usually leads to some “strengthening of the bonds” here. Ya’ll are reinforcing my conclusion that SDMB is a hot bed of immoral liberalism, no wonder i feel so at home.
As for your new sig line Big Bear, I would never trust anythiung said by one who takes the symbol of the Evil Empire as a posting name.

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