Geek day on netflix

Apparently netflix is now streaming all seasons of Buffy, Angel, and the X-files, as well as, the first season of Dollhouse. They also have Firefly. At first I thought it had to be an April fools day prank, but it seems to be real. My ten bucks a month just turned into an even better deal.

Is there anyway to see a list of the on demand titles without having a membership? I am thinking about getting the $10/month plan and streaming to my PS3.

Is the Big Bang Theory on there?


The site I use is It lists everything that’s available for streaming, and I don’t think it’s affiliated with netflix so you don’t need an account.

Not for streaming no. But if you go with the $10 plan you can also keep out one DVD out at a time in addition to the unlimited streaming.

thanks is great. It organizes the streaming videos much better than netflix.