Geeky Guys are Hot!

What is it about smart guys that is so darned sexy? I have always been attracted to the slightly rumpled, bespectacled, smart-boys. (I even married me a professor!) It started young…no athlete ever looked at me in high school (unless a guy who played basketball for the local Latin School counts!), but the entire chess team panted over me.

For me, smart equals capable. Nerdy conversations (within reason) that fly over my head amuse me to no end and I love their earnestness. Nerds are very straightforward. Plus, I love the way they push their glasses further up their noses when they get nervous. Cute.

Other’s opinions?

As a Geeky Guy, I agree with you completely.

As a geeky guy, I only wish more women felt that way… :slight_smile:

Geeky guys are hot, huh? Tell me you wouldn’t run screaming from someone like Ricky Smith (a character in the movie Better Off Dead)? (Warning: Head shot of bespectacled obese guy portrayed by Dan Schneider.)

I wouldn’t, if he had interesting stuff to say.

I like geeky guys. I’d prefer a fat or skinny geek to a guy with big muscles.

I’m married to a cute geeky guy. Assistant professor of astrophysics.

How about a skinny geek with big muscles?

Chest hair or no chest hair?

That’s what my wife says! (Thank goodness.)


Some. Closer to Bruce Lee than Chuck Norris.

I’m kinda geeky. But no one would ever mistake me for ‘hot’.

Um, from him I might run. I’m not saying ALL GEEKY GUYS are sexy, it is just certain darling ones. How’s that for clarification? Pudgy guys have always been okay with me. Bald is also good. It just depends on the man. Nerdy pheromones perhaps?

I’m logging off now, gotta go find my professor, tickle his beard and let him smear my lipstick a little! :wink:

Depends on who is doing the looking… :slight_smile:

I’m pretty good looking but I have trouble telegraphing geek in person. Usually I’m taken as a “normal”.

Get me talking though and watch out. Real normals have no idea how cool it is that the college building is shaped a lot like the Prometheus on Stargate, nor do they care. Nor do gym people seem to get the geek love of caffeine. Neither do many seem to get Chan memes, jokes reference history, why open source is great, why it’s cool to be able to connect to IRC using a telnet client and a copy of RFC1495 (irc protocol specification)*, etc.

*doing a /me command with a telnet client was especially fun to figure out. It isn’t the specification, and it uses characters that you need to use altcodes to input.

Well, yes, I am hot, in the sense that I often feel overheated if I walk more than a few blocks.

I do have a fair abount of chest hair between my man-boobs, should that matter.

My opinion, from what I’ve read over the years. Women have an instinctive attraction to high status males; however, in humans the definition of “high status” is at least partially learned, not instinctive. Many human instincts seem to work this way; the basic structure is genetically defined, the details are learned ( for example, we all are born with an instinct for language, but have to learn any specific one ).

So; if a woman holds smart guys in high esteem, it’s a natural progression for her to find them sexy.

So how you doin’?

Lonely, but looking forward to going home from college in a few days. You? :stuck_out_tongue:

It would matter. I like chest hair. I don’t like big muscles with no chest hair.

I’ll buy that… The first time I visited my husband in his office at the University, I nearly fainted whe I saw him walking down the hall toward me. He looked so cute dressed in that tweedy jacket with the patches and a bow tie…together with the wire-framed glasses and the beard… oh, hotohhotohhotofhotness! Once he took me back to his office with all those books and neatly framed degrees on the wall…

Gotta take a sip of something cold before I can continue…

Okay, I’m back… Needless to say, geeky guys are hot. I rest my case.

never mind. :o