Geeky quotes

Sometimes I really miss my old friends from back in the day. We all used movie and TV quotes in speech in a fashion to crack each other up. Are we the only ones to do this?

Me and a few of my friends and maybe 5 other people in the world have seen and remember the crappy Run-DMC movie Tougher than Leather from the 80’s. It had line in it that even now, 20 years later my friend Scott and I use all of the time. At the end of the movie the bad guy opens a bag that is supposed to have money in it, but its not in the bag. Thats when Run-DMC shows up and they say to him Its empty…Like your Foooo-Cher! (future). We started this little ritual because that line cracked us up for some reason…when were at the local bar we hung out in, the last person to pour from a pitcher of beer, finishing it off had to shout “ITS EMPTY! LIKE YOUR FUTURE!” while holding the pitcher up.

We were Star Trek Fans too, so we had a few lines from Trek that were commonplace…(I’m assuming that people will figure out what Trek series and so on these lines were said)

If someone was talking a lot of smack we would say “You talk and you talk but you have no grombah!”

If someone asked a question we would say “A question! Since your earth was born and your sun burned hot in space I have awaited a question!” (paraphrased that one)

When someone said something that was misubderstood it was “You speak in metaphor!” …from the same episode we used “Shaka! His eyes red, his face black!” when angered.

But the best at the obscure quote game was my friend John. We went to college together and he had the uncanny power to recall quotes from old and forgotten cartoons that only he and I remembered from childhood…with the voices. Damn he was good at that. (He could do a perfect impression of any Autobot from the old Transformers cartoon…his favorite was saying “We gotta report back to Prime!”). He also did a greatLion-O from Thundercats (give him anything that resembled a sword and he was yelling “Thunder—thunder—Thundercats! HOOOOO”…and though I’m sure no one remembers this old show, a great Rodak from Space Giants.

Anyone else out there ever do extremely geeky things like this?