Completey random movie quotes


Nothing inspiring, no genre limitations…

Just quotes. (Add the movie if you feel you must.)

I thought they smelled bad… on the outside!
What’s with all the negativity, man?
Double dumb ass on you!

“Kate…Your not wearing a bustle…How lewd.”

“What the f-ck is the Internet ?!”

“They were skinned ALIVE!”

-Do I scare you?
-Do you want me to?

“Please, Mr. Eggman, don’t ever quit your job! I always want eggs, always and always and always.”

But… Why is the rum gone?

“Great! PMS is my secret weapon!”

Nobody will get this one!

If you knew anything about music, you’d know a piano is better when it’s been played! This piano in badly out of tune!

It wasn’t music she was talking about.

“My crotch is still here!”

Someday Macoco is going to sweep down upon me like a chickenhawk and carry me away.

“This one goes up to eleven.”

“You keep on using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

“Credit card works on a completely different kind of lock.”

“I knew you’d be there. I’d hoped you’d be here”

“Have you ever given a guy a foot massage?”

Just about everything Doc Holliday says in Tombstone.

I’ll meet you at the place near the thing where we went that time.

Can I borrow your towel? My car got hit by a water buffalo.

You can’t leave, all the plants’ll die!

Some girls like a guy to take a dump on them. I’m not one of those girls.

I don’t give away my life story over martinis and a Coke.

To law enforcement!

-“So I got that going for me, which is nice”

“You know I could be manager in two years? King! God!”

“If you guys know so much about women, how come you’re here at, like, the Gas ‘n’ Sip on a Saturday night, completely alone, drinking beers, with no women anywhere?”

“Oh yeah? Well, swing on this!”

“Do you ever think of yourself as actually dead, lying in a box with a lid on it?”
"No. "
"Nor do I, really…It’s silly to be depressed by it. I mean one thinks of it like being alive in a box, one keeps forgetting to take into account that fact that one is dead…which should make all the difference…shouldn’t it? I mean, you’d never know you were in a box, would you? It would be just like being asleep in a box. Not that I’d like to sleep in a box, mind you, not without any air–you’d wake up dead, for a start, and then where would you be? Apart from inside a box. That’s the bit I don’t like, frankly. That’s why I don’t think of it… Because you’d be helpless, wouldn’t you? Stuffed in a box like that, I mean you’d be in there for ever. Even taking into account that fact that you’re dead, it isn’t a pleasant thought. Especially if you’re dead, really…ask yourself, if I asked you straight off–I’m going to stuff you in this box now, would you rather be alive or dead? Naturally, you’d prefer to be alive. Life in a box is better than no life at all. I expect. You’d have a chance at least. You could lie there thinking–well, at least I’m not dead! In a minute someone’s going to bang on the lid and tell me to come out. (Banging the floor with his fists.) “Hey you, whatsyername! Come out of there!” "


“Nice tuxedo. Nice tuxedo … to die in.”

“We’re sorta like 7-11… we’re not always doin’ business, but we’re always open.”

“I think you misestimated who you’re talking to, here!”

“Have fun storming the castle!”

“You are drunk! And when you are drunk, you forget that I am in charge!”

“I haven’t been fucked like that since grade school!”

“We eat the pig and then together we burn! BURN!”

“My life is really… complex.”