Geena Davis open your mouth..

why doncha?

I’ve been watching “Commander in Chief” don’t know why, just am. Geena Davis never opens her jaw when she talks. Always talks through her teeth, just moves her lips. What’s that all about? Drives me nuts and I always make a comment about it to myself or anyone else in the room, husband, cats…

Did I mention I can’t figure out why I’m watching this show?

Oh heavens, no! You could open a keg with those teeth.

i’d hit it

You couldn’t miss it.

Amen to that. She looks better in this role than she ever has.

Ba-dum-bump KSshhhh!

After the first few episodes, I have to say that I’m giving up on this one. It’s a great premise, but it’s just way too soapy for my taste. I say impeach President Allen, if for no other reason just so her husband can grow back his nuts!

Give me Patty Duke in Hail to the Chief anytime!

[Stewie Griffin]Geena Davis doesn’t get good film roles anymore.

Her gums are too big.

She doesn’t have a good tooth-to-gum ratio.[/Stewie Griffin]

Actually, she’s managing a rather serious speech impediment.

The only impediment to her speeches is that I keep zoning out and picturing her naked.

I noticed that speech issue when she was on ‘Family Ties’ for a bit, and got kinda confused when I never heard it again.

I’m mostly liking this series, but the direction is just so prosaic–almost wooden–and the characters so wobbly, that I’m not sure yet that I’m gonna make it all the way through. There’s no sense of scope; the scale of the whole show is too small, too petty. You don’t get a sense of a world beyond the set walls; the characters don’t feel like they have any backstory. But I’m kind of in love with the idea, so I’m still giving out with the slack.

Let’s see… a show STARTS with an asinine, utterly implausible premise (that a conservative Republican Presidential nominee would pick a liberal independent as his running mate), and you’re surprised that the series isn’t well thought out?