Geico Cavemen = Black Peps?

What now? Never caught this, did I miss something?

Geico Cavemen = Canceled before Halloween

Dunno, this is more of a stretch than 3rd Rock?

I’m baffled by the ‘black’ comparisons the journalists were making. If anything, I would have thought ‘redneck’.

I think this might be someone attempting to create an issue where it doesn’t exist.

Geico Cavemen = Black Peps?

Black Peps? What am I missing?

hehehehe, the last 10 years or so?

I think the OP meant black Peeps. The Halloween kind shaped like black cats (or was it bats?)

I thought you said Black Pepsi.

That Black Pepsi is nasty. Or was it Coke? Still nasty. And didn’t make me peppy at all.

Blak Pepsi? The one with coffee in it?

I thought the cavemen were stand ins for intellectuals in a McCulture.

Gosh, you must be cuter and hipper than everybody in the room. Answer the question: What the Hell does “Peps” mean?

Yes, that’s right. The Cavemen are an obvious allegory to coffee-infused cola drinks.

Black peeps, as in people. Not peps. The OP was careless in the spelling.

Hi, Caveman, what’s your name? He doesn’t say anything cause he’s a coffee-infused cola drink.

at any rate, I don’t think they are meant to be Cro-magnons. They look more like the TLC australopithecus than Homo sapiens

Apparently, there are some obvious paralells to minorities and the cavemen in the series (for example, they are offensively refered to as “cro-maggers”), but there have been some complaintst that the cavemen, as depicted in the pilot episode, represent negative black stereotypes- they are lazy, good at sports, and prone to violence. The cavemen, I mean.

I think they are only “passing” as cavemen. Watching the “Party Balcony” commercial last night, I am more convinced than ever that they are wolfmen.

It was always pretty obvious to me that the Cavemen were always meant to portray a generic assimilated but still aware and offended minority. I found it pretty funny because I could easily see myself, were I an adman, falling into much the same situation Geico did regarding Roma. I’d make some commercial featuring gypsies dancing around in scarves telling fortunes and throwing around curses, and then later have to apologize to some thoroughly annoyed Roma yuppies over mango salsa. Like the Geico guy, I was shockingly ignorant of their continued existance as a cultural group.

Sounds like the “Ghost” criticism from years ago:
Evil shadows are black, thus movie is saying blacks are evil.

Black Pips?