Gen. Boykin Is Nuts. Really. Nuts.

NaSultainne, it’s exciting to see this hoary tripe dragged out again.

Since this is the Pit, let me take a special minute to say: I am so tired of pseudo-Christian fucks like you spewing their shit all over Islam. Have you ever actually sat down and talked with a REAL LIVE FUCKING MUSLIM? not argued on the boards with **Aldebaran[/B}, but, ya know, had a fucking sandwich with anyone “deemed to represent ‘true’ Islam”?

From the LA Times (cached):,0,4141774.story%3Fcoll=la-news-comment-opinions

It’s in the bible! I think it’s somewhere in the back…

I don’t think I’m allowed to voice an opinion on this guy. But being stationed at JFKSWCS, I did think this was an odd place to bring a church group - to say the least.

Account from AUFSOCAS about the Super FAITH Multiplier Force.

If Boykn ever needs a roommate in his early retirement from military service, I nominate NaSultainne. As long as you keep the two of them from any sharp instruments, I’m sure they’ll have endless fun agreeing with each other on how to “properly” read the Bible… :rolleyes:

Yaeh, but that wasn’t our God. That was the enemy God that established THAT authority.
Or some words to that effect…

Does this apply to Saddam and the Taliban too, then?

Ann Coulter is, of course, the Whore of Babylon. We’ve established that.

We’ve also established that Sadaam and Satan are lovers. Saw it on a documentary a couple of summers ago.

Well, I think the cite actually meant that no one has any true authority unless granted that by God. Saddam had power, but no right to use it. I’m sure people looked at that one very differently in different times and places, though.

I don’t particularly think that God specifically favored Bush or Gore. Then again, you never know. I personally believe that Gore would have been an astoundingly bad president after 9/11, and that the Recent Unpleasantness was neccessary to attain future peace, as well as being a good, just, and moral thing in and of itself.

So I might be slightly biased. :slight_smile:

Nah, didn’t you see “The 9th Gate”?

That’s disappointing. I had always envisaged the Whore of Babylon as looking… well, looking a lot more like a WOMAN. Isn’t Ann Coulter a bit mannish for that role?

How does one distinguish “true” God given authority from illegitimate authority? I could just as easily say that GWB has power but no right to use it.

1.) What do you think that Gore would have done differently than Bush? What would have made him “spectacularly bad?”
2.) An illegal invasion founded on lies is necessary to attain future peace? Isn’t that like destroying the village in order to save it?



When they say Jew, maybe they mean Israeli, and they’re distressed about how a nation can treat a segment of it’s populace based on their religion.

It really is.

You mean the defense of an oil producing theocratic despot {cha-ching} or the stabilization of a Christian genocide spreading into Western Europe?

You’re proof of that.

So it would seem.

From a Deist’s standpoint, its so hard to sit back and watch all of you Jews/Christians/Muslims make my world such a dangerous place to live. I think you’re all nuts.

Yeah…all of those Jews/Christians/Muslims are making it dangerous. Mostly by making huge, sweeping generalizations about those who don’t believe what they do.:rolleyes:
Mighty broad brush you’re using there.

I saw that one too. Great musical, IIRC.

No argument here.

Nah, read his whole post. He himself agreed that “once you get people conditioned to believe something, man, it sticks.”

He’s just bought into the meme that organized religion is inherently dangerous. presumably, therefore, all followers of organized religion are dangerous. Or something.

[sub]Besides, you don’t even have a horse in this race, paganboy. Touchy bitch, aintcha?[/sub]

Organized, disorganized…buggrit. All followers of organized religion are dangerous. As are all non-followers of any religion. People are dangerous, and maybe we should, just give it up and get our monkey-asses back to the trees.

[sub]just 'cos I ain’t betting on the horses, don’t mean I can’t watch the Derby. Anyway…I may be a touchy bitch, but I ain’t your touchy bitch.[/sub]

Nah, the trees were a bad idea in the first place . . .

You’ve got to admit that digital watches are a pretty neat idea, though.