Gen con scouts - Yamie Chess children's tournament

Gen Con (the large gaming convention) is trying to find enough kids to take part in a children’s chess simul tournament with US chess champ Jennifer Shahade for Yamie Chess: , this August 17th at the Indiana Convention Center

Frustratingly, apparently there’s not enough local scouts to make up the 25 boys and 25 girls required, so they’re opening up registration for the Yamie Chess tournament to non-scouts as well. If there are any folks with kids (5 to 12 years old) here who live in Indianapolis and wanna chance to play a US chess champ this fall, its free to register and will take place with some local tv coverage. should be a nice experience.

I wish I had a kid so I could go to the Con and watch her!
Err…the kid – my kid…uhh…my daughter! Yeah, that’s what I meant.