Gender and grapefruit

Do you like grapefruit?

We’re talking breasts here, right? :smiley:

In case you’re not joking: No, this is about the fruit.

I fully endorse the idea of you starting a poll about breasts though :slight_smile:

Arrggghhh…my hamsters jumped…female and love it!

My mother is female too and loves it. I hate it.

It’s okay. I don’t dislike it. My main problem with it is it’s kind of tricky to eat.

Given the options, shouldn’t this be sex and grapefruit?

(The answer to both is yes!)

Male, like it occasionally

What if i like the Juice?

Male. Don’t care for grapefruits, but I do really like tangelos, which are a hybrid of a grapefruit and a tangerine.

I must have some chemical thing going, because I simply find grapefruit inedible - as in “really - someone decided we could actually consume this stuff?!” Something about the taste just seems like it is warning me that it is poison, a corrosive acid, a juice that spoiled a month ago, or something…

I am unable to convey how allergic to grapefruit I am. If I suddenly cease to post, it may be assumed that I succumbed to the evil citrus.

My complaint is they’ve ruined them over the last 20-ish years.

Around here the stores have 3 or 4 varieties of sweet useless red or pink ones.

The original yellow/white kind are hard to find. And when a store does have some, they’ve been bred to be way too sweet & not at all tart like they used to be.

Real Grapefruit. For Real® Men.

Male here. Love grapefruit and all other citrus. And breasts.

I like grapefruit juice and dried grapefruit when it’s been dipped in nutella. Otherwise, I leave it alone.

Nutella is good on boobs, too.

I have no strong opinion either way; I can take it or leave it. Female.

And Women, please - the tarter the better.

We grew up putting salt on our grapefruit - freaked me out the first time I saw someone put sugar on one. Ewwww.

I don’t get them anymore because **JustThinkin’ ** does the grocery shopping - and can’t eat grapefruit because of her cholesterol meds.

I hate the stuff. Just a little grapefruit will ruin an entire fruit salad. It’s not the sweetness – something specific about the taste which I find very unpleasant. It’s one of the very few foods that I completely avoid due to taste.

One of my favorite xkcd panels.

I absolutely LOVE grapefruit. The only thing is, I can’t have it due to the medication I take. This makes me very sad.